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CNN & NBC News Share Where the 2016 Election Polls Went Wrong

Last week marked an important week in American history, the
inauguration of President Trump’ but our researcher minds can’t help but
wonder, what happened with the polling?
Media Insights & Engagement Conference brings CNN and NBC News to the
keynote stage to reveal Insights from the 2016 Presidential Election!

Join Robin Garfield, SVP, Research & Scheduling, CNN for
a comprehensive look at event participation, media consumption and public
opinion over the course of this unprecedented election cycle. From record
engagement in the presidential race to the dynamic environment heading into
election day, Robin will address what the data said and how these insights
compared to the outcome of the election.
John Lapinski focuses on how election polls and other
data-driven analyses did not fully predict the Trump phenomena. He’ll uncover
the lessons learned from the 2016 election, and how this will change how the
media analyzes and covers elections going forward.
Don’t miss your chance to truly understand the historical
outcome (at least to the mind of a researcher) of the 2016 election.
Read our recent blog
post on the 2016 Presidential Election: http://bit.ly/2jTI4Jp
Plus, hear from Facebook, NBC, HBO & Nielsen Social for
a panel discussion on How Consumers Engage with Programming Across Social
Platforms. See the full session description here: http://bit.ly/2iVS6dg
See who you’ll join at The Media Insights & Engagement
Conference: http://bit.ly/2j0JlyS
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discount code MEDIA17BL for $100 off the current rate. Buy your tickets here: http://bit.ly/2j0JlyS
We hope to see you in Fort Lauderdale next week!
The Media Insights & Engagement Conference Team

Alligators in the Board Room

By: Christina Luppi, Manager, Sentient
Decision Science

This post was originally published on the Sentient Decision Science Blog.
‘Command the Board Room’ is the theme at TMRE 2016. A lofty
goal, perhaps. But maybe not so lofty if you’re equipped with the right
, TMRE 2016′s chairperson, immediately endeared himself to the audience
by dubbing himself the ‘biggest failure’ in the ballroom. He cited multiple
tanked businesses, several career restarts, and a credit score of 300
to support the claim. Why so eager to have his failures be known? To help
people better understand how they can succeed.
‘Insights teams need to play a critical role in the board
room,’ Yu stressed. When decision makers want to know why big
ideas fail, they find the answer is often human.
Even when the desirability is validated, when the
concepts are good and the budgets are excellent, ideas can
bomb because of people.
People run into walls of fear when approached with a
new idea, said Yu. Next, they run into walls of apathy because so
many things are competing for their interest. Lastly, they run into walls of
disbelief and are desperate for proof.
‘Ideas don’t sell themselves,’ Yu explained. ‘You can’t just
have the right content. It requires us becoming champions in the board room.
Those walls are human dynamics and exist even with the right content.’
The walls Yu mentioned aren’t about what is right and wrong,
they’re emotional barriers all marketers have to deal with at some
point. Insights help us break through.
TMRE keynote speaker Zoe Chance left
corporate marketing to get her PhD because she wanted to study the complexities
of decision making. Really, frustration in the field made her determined
to help people make research-based decisions that make sense, rather than see
them go with their gut.
What she found is that marketers actually need to suck
it up and learn to work better with the board members who make gut
decisions’that’s just who we are as a species. Humans are ruled by
‘alligator psychology,’ she noted.
Something we know as System
1 thinking
‘I refer to [System 1 and System 2] as the
‘alligator brain’ and the ‘court,” Chance explained. ‘System 1 is unconscious,
fast’ an automatic decision maker. We only imagine the court is making more
decisions than it is.’
Rather than trying to force feed data down the throats
of people who won’t swallow, Chance suggested researchers better understand
the emotional motivations of our System 1 brains
She outlined five key forces of influence:
Labeling: Giving a name to behavior you want to
encourage or discourage.
Ease: Ease of use is a more powerful
motivator than even pleasure. This is a principle practiced to perfection by
companies like Amazon and Uber.
Attention: Moments of truth, open loops,
and the Zeigarnik effect.
Scarcity: Operates through loss aversion.
‘Hot potato’: When faced with resistance,
instead of pushing, hand back a problem to solve.
Notice the acronym? ‘If you’re going to walk an alligator,
it helps to have a LEASH,’ Chance said with a smile.
Of course, alligators can be lazy. They sometimes need
persuading to bite.
, best-selling author of Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics talked
about the power of incentives in marketing.
‘Never underestimate the power of free. It doesn’t matter
how much of something somebody’s got, how much they’re worth; the alligator
part of our brain’ will just zap at it.’
To illustrate, Dubner told a story of how the world-renowned
Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles dealt with a particular problem, a big
problem. Doctors were not washing their hands.
Yes, really.
The issue wasn’t a matter of education’doctors know the
science and danger of bacteria’it was a matter of communication. How do
you tell medical professionals they must do something they already know they
must do?
The hospital tried incentivizing a hand washing program with
Starbucks gift cards. And the wealthy MDs snapped them up as though they
couldn’t afford their own coffee.
‘They turned a life and death problem into a game they
wanted to play,’ said Dubner. But the card didn’t raise the overall rate of hand washing.
‘Data can get you at the ‘what’ pretty easily, and the
‘what’ didn’t work. The ‘why’ is complicated.’
Why gets into psychology, sometimes even into
religion. It also delves into the subconscious. What doctors would admit
they don’t wash their hands in a hospital?
‘Self-reported data is close to worthless,’ said
Dubner. ‘This is why we need to know not what people are telling you they
will do; we need to get data about what they actually will do.’
Eventually, the board at Cedars-Sinai created graphic
images of the bacteria found on their own hands and placed the image
on every computer screen saver at Cedars-Sinai. By showing doctors the
danger and triggering an emotional response, the research team got the
hand-washing rate up to 100-percent almost overnight.
‘If that’s the way the human brain works, let’s find a way
to take advantage of that and exploit it for some good,’ Dubner concluded.

In that light, understanding alligator brain actually
sounds pretty rational.

Get Unprecedented Access to Stephen Dubner at TMRE

TMRE Brings You the Best in Insights, Featuring Exclusive
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The world-renowned author of Freakonomics and
SuperFreakonomics, will reveal how you can leverage the power of incentives to
uncover human behavior.

Dubner is taking to the keynote stage at TMRE: The Market Research Event this
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Consumer Goods Perspective: PepsiCo’s Director
of Insights & Analytics talks about the evolution of their state of the art
Gatorade Mission Control Center and it’s new approach to digital insights.
Pharmaceutical Perspective: Merck’s Executive
Director of Global Customer and Brand Insights details the art of transforming
insights into stories and strategies that drive results.
Financial Service Perspective: MasterCard’s Data
Visualization expert details why Data Visualization is the key to Empowering
Powerful Business Decisions
Retail Perspective: Walmart’s Senior Director of
Customer Insights & Analytics reveals how the combination of Big Data and
traditional research methods can lead to stronger insights
Media & Entertainment Perspective: SVPs from
AMC and Cablevision come together to share best practices on how to join forces
on data driven business insights.
Travel Perspective: Marriott’s Senior Director
of Consumer Insights reveals low-cost research for high-impact results.
And so much more!
Download the TMRE brochure for the full agenda and
session details: http://bit.ly/2bdhOoM
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See you in Boca Raton this fall!
The TMRE Team


Does Market Research Have a Seat at the Table?

Market research has undergone big changes in the past few
years. Even with transitions and restructuring of teams, market research andinsights proves to still be relevant in virtually every industry. Companies are
always going to need to know their customers’ wants, needs, values, motives,
goals and more.
In order to capture these indispensable insights, research
teams must adapt to the ever-changing digital world and have leaders to charge
their teams forward and impact the bottom line of businesses with strategic
consumer insights. 
So, do you think Market Research has a seat at the table?
Share with us in a
short survey here: http://svy.mk/2b94NwB  By filling out the survey, you will automatically be entered to win a free pass to TMRE 2016! 

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Also, don’t miss TMRE:
The Market Research Event taking place October 17-20, 2016 in Boca Raton, FL.
With over 150 sessions to choose from, TMRE is the most comprehensive event in
the industry. Every presentation is tasked to leave you with actionable
insights you can implement back at your organization. For more information
about the event or to register, click here: http://bit.ly/2bkcKzO
The TMRE Team


It was worth the wait. View the TMRE 2016 agenda

Finally, something to be excited about’
Unveiling the Ultimate Insights Experience: http://bit.ly/1O1H2p9
The holy grail of insights is now yours’
4 days.
120+ sessions.
150+ speakers.
Gain extraordinary access to best-selling authors, world
class client side experts, facilitated matchmaking technology, town-hall
debates, and the most comprehensive solution provider showcase in North
All of this is happening at TMRE: The Market Research Event
this October.
Check out the full
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The TMRE Team


The Media Insights & Engagement Conference Updated Agenda Just Released

It’s hard to believe that we’re less than 1 week away from The Media Insights & Engagement Conference,
where hundreds of research and insights executives from the media industry will
gather in (sunny!) Fort Lauderdale.

Behind the scenes we’ve been hard at work ensuring that The Media Insights
& Engagement Conference delivers on your most pressing business needs. From
helping you overcome your measurement challenges, to uncovering next generation
research methodologies and creating new engagement strategies, the 2016 program
covers it all. Download the updated
agenda: http://bit.ly/1PQpQgI

The Media Insights & Engagement
Conference 2016
February 1-3, 2016
The Ritz Carlton ‘ Fort Lauderdale Hotel
Fort Lauderdale, FL

New Program Additions:
Panel: TV Now / TV Next?  Adjusting to
Viewers’ Evolving Linear and OTT Preferences
Suzanne Sell, SVP Research, Starz
Justin Fromm, Director, Head of Ad Sales Research, Hulu
Daniel Marcu, Audience Insights & Trends Strategist
Moderated by: Robert Miner, President, Miner & Co Studio 
Keynote: Totaling Up Total Audience
Kelly Abcarian, SVP, Global Watch Product Architecture, Nielsen
Measurement Science: Unlocking Data’s Potential
Pat Pellegrini, Ph.D., General Manager and Chief Research Officer, Simmons
Unlocking the Power of the Middle
Tommy Cheng, VP of TV and Content Research, Ipsos Connect
Stephanie Yates, VP of Research & Insights, WE tv
Plus, Open Forum Q&A, Conversation and Idea
Sharing with speakers at the end of the track sessions   
We’re thrilled to announce the finalists for the 2nd Annual
Case Study Competition:
Finalist #1
Memory vs. Engagement: Tut Promo Research
Thomas Grayman, VP, Brand and Consumer Research,
Spike TV
Finalist #2
Rich Cornish, VP, Ad Sales Research, Viacom
Tasja Kirkwood, Director, Ad Sales Research, Viacom
Finalist #3
‘Visual fixation’ as Viewability: Why Ads Require Less than 1 Second to Process
Duane Varan, CEO, MediaScience
See who’s already
signed up to attend here: http://bit.ly/1Pr8WVg
Use code MEDIA16LI
for $100 off. Register here: http://bit.ly/1PQpQgI
We hope to see you in Fort Lauderdale!
The Media Insights & Engagement Conference 2016 Team


Call for Client Side Presenters: The Market Research Event

The Institute for International Research (IIR) is currently
seeking presenters for:

The Market Research Event
October 18-20, 2016 | Boca Raton, FL
website: http://bit.ly/1mVGtjN

Submit your proposal by email to kschram@iirusa.com by
Tuesday, February 2nd.
Kelly Schram
Re: The Market Research Event
Date: October 18-20, 2016
Location: Boca Raton, FL

Please note: ONLY client-side submissions will be reviewed.
  If your
company is categorized as a vendor, solution provider or consultancy to this
market, please see below to find out how you can get involved in TMRE.

First Round Submissions due by Tuesday, February 2nd

NOTE: Presenters are accepted on a rolling basis so early submissions are

TMRE is the World’s Top MR Event focused on translating insights into bottom
line impact. Speakers receive a free pass to attend the event and a 20%
discount for colleagues.

We are looking for (in order of priority):

Exploration Leaders: Speakers who are willing to literally get
“outside the conference walls” and take smaller groups of attendees
to local areas to explore/discuss MR/ethnography in action.

Workshop Facilitators: Skilled facilitators who can lead the group in
interactive activities to get hands on with the content. Skill building topics
a plus.

Networking Activity Leaders: We are looking for outgoing MR/Insights
executives to lead one of a series of networking activities that will run
throughout the event. The networking leader will work with the conference team
to plan an activity (morning group run, morning yoga, cooking class, afternoon
run, art class). The more creative the better. There is no presentation
involved. Just be ready to lead the activity and help attendees connect to each
other in a fun non-conference setting. All ideas welcome!

Case Studies: We will only consider NEW case studies that haven’t
already been shared at another event or past TMRE event. Suggested topic areas
for case studies include:

  • Social Insights:
    Data Collection, Listening & Analysis
  • Shopper Insights
    & Analytics
  • Consumer &
    Market Trends
  • Biometrics &
  • Cross Platform
    & Digital Insights
  • Marketing &
    Brand Insights
  • Insight Driven
    Innovation & Product Development
  • Storytelling
    & Data Visualization
  • Business to
    Business Research
  • Data Analytics
    & Advanced Analytics
  • Innovation in
    Tools, Techniques & Methodologies
  • Global Insights
  • ROI &
  • Activating Insights
  • Big Data
  • Mobile &
  • What’s Next
    & The Future
Submission Guidelines
Client-side speakers that wish to be considered for the TMRE speaker faculty
should send the following information via email to Kelly Schram, Conference
Director at kschram@iirusa.com no
later than Tuesday, February 2nd. Due to the high volume of responses, only
those selected for the program will be notified.
  1. Benefit oriented
    title of session
  2. Summary of session
    (no more than 100 words)
  3. Full contact
    details for speaker including name, title, company, email, phone and mail
  4. Speaker bio

If your submission is selected, portions of your summary
will be used to promote your participation in print and online. In an effort to
ensure the utmost quality, all final presentations will be subject to review by
our content review board prior to the event. 
Special notices to vendors, solutions provider or consultancies:
This call is limited to client side presenters. If you are a vendor,
consultant, solution provider, or technology provider and would like to speak
at TMRE, please contact Jon Saxe at jsaxe@iirusa.com or
646-895-7467 or Liz Hinkis at ehinkis@Iirusa.com or

Multi-Cultural, Generational & Platform Insights from Comedy Central, US Census & More

From multi-cultural to multi-generational, we are competing
for the most diverse audience than ever before. As if that’s not challenging
enough, let’s not forget about connecting and engaging through multi-platform

It’s time to embrace a new paradigm at The
Media Insights & Engagement Conference

The Media Insights & Engagement
Conference 2016
February 1-3, 2016
The Ritz Carlton ‘ Fort Lauderdale Hotel
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Join your industry peers to explore the myths and realities
of who’s really out there, and prepare you for what’s coming next.
New Age America: Marilyn Stephens, Data
Dissemination Specialist; Media Lead, US Census Bureau
A statistical snapshot of what really
separates Millennials and Boomers. Are millennials the NEW Boomers? If so, how
so? If no, why not? The question is always the same: “What does the data
say?” Get ready to explore what makes a Boomer and what makes a
Keepin’ It Together:  Maintaining the
Connection between Content and Brand: Chanon Cook, SVP, Strategic Insights
& Research, Comedy Central
As viewers increasingly expect to watch
television content on their own terms (their own schedules, platforms and
devices), network brands are giving viewers access to their content across a
multitude of “channels”. View the brochure for full session details:
Hispanics, Media & the Bottom Line: Adriana
Waterston, SVP, Insights and Strategy,
Horowitz Research
The Hispanic composition of the U.S.
population is 18% and growing. It’s no wonder businesses from all walks of
industry are looking to Hispanics as the key segment to reach in order to grow
their bottom line…Click here for more info on this interactive think tank
And that’s not all. Research and insights leaders from ABC,
Netflix, BBC Worldwide, iHeartMedia, Viacom, A+E Networks, NBCUniversal,
Comcast, ESPN, AMC Networks, Vevo and more unite to help you decipher the
future of media. Download the full
brochure: http://bit.ly/1OKiQ49

Use code MEDIA16BLI for $100 off the
current rate. Don’t be left behind, register today: http://bit.ly/1OKiQ49

We hope to see you in Fort Lauderdale!


The Media Insights & Engagement Conference 2016 Team


Have You Seen The Media Insights & Engagement Conference Agenda?

Have you heard about The Media Insights & Engagement
Conference? It’s been called “the golden globes of the media
industry.” It’s the can’t-miss event for research and insights
Check out the agenda
and save $400 this week if you register by this Friday, December 11th. Click
here for more information:
The Media Insights & Engagement Conference has united
some of the most visionary thinkers and future-forward industry pioneers to
share best practices and lessons learned on overcoming measurement challenges,
uncovering next gen research, and creating engagement strategies to decipher
the future of media.
The Media Insights
& Engagement Conference 2016
February 1-3, 2016
The Ritz Carlton ‘
Fort Lauderdale Hotel
Fort Lauderdale,

The 2016 event is about embracing a new paradigm – program highlights include:
World-Class Keynotes Take the Stage, including:
Alan Wurtzel, President, Research & Media
Development, NBCUniversal
Artie Bulgrin, SVP Global Research &
Analytics, ESPN
Radha Subramanyam, President of Insights,
Research & Data Analytics, iHeartMedia
Ryan Holiday, Author, The Obstacle is the Way
and Growth Hacker Marketing
Marilyn Stephens, Data Dissemination Specialist;
Media Lead, US Census Bureau
And more. Click here http://bit.ly/1jMm1jr for the full list of
keynote speakers.
40+ Sessions to Choose from, giving you the
power to create your own agenda. Choose the sessions YOU want to learn more
about, and move freely between the 3 concurrent tracks as much as you like
50+ Cross-Industry, Media Insights &
Engagement Experts share best practices and what’s on the horizon from our
industry. Hear from A+E Networks, Netflix, Comedy Central, AMC, Viacom, Google,
Comcast, GroupM Analytics, Horizon Media, BBC Worldwide and more: http://bit.ly/1jMm1jr
The 2nd Annual Case Study Competition gives YOU
the chance to present on the main stage! Submit your case study showcasing
innovative, results-driven methodologies and applications from field-test
research here: http://bit.ly/1N9xGna
Download the brochure for the complete agenda and session
descriptions: http://bit.ly/1jMm1jr
You save $300 if your
register by this Friday, 12/11. Plus, use exclusive Blog discount code MEDIA16BL
for an additional $100 off. That’s total of $400 off! Register today:

We hope to see you in Fort Lauderdale!
The Media Insights & Engagement Conference 2016 Team

GfK’s Market Research Survey Reveals Industry Insights at TMRE 2015

In less than 2 weeks, market research leader GfK will be
revealing the results of its Future of Insights Survey at The Market Research Event (TMRE), November 2-4.
The survey reveals in depth insights into the state of the industry. Register
now to see the unveiling LIVE: http://bit.ly/1M51td4
Here are some
highlights that have come out of GfK’s Future of Insights Survey so far:
Is the market research industry revolutionizing
or just evolving?
It depends on where you sit!
Clients want to revolutionize the way that research is done, while
suppliers are looking to evolve.
Are clients and suppliers aligned on their top
goals for 2016?
When generating actionable insights, difficulty in being timely is a top impact
for clients, while adopting new, innovative methodologies is a leading impact
for suppliers.
Which is more important: innovation or speed?
Turns out research innovation is still
important, but not at the expense of speed! Suppliers are focused on new
methodologies to create insights, but are misaligned with clients on the
importance of delivering impactful insights quickly.
What is the market research industry craving?
The industry is craving leadership!
Clients feel a more imminent change in the
market research industry, while suppliers are pressured to keep pace with a
focus on new, innovative methodologies that can deliver impactful and timely
This is just a sample of the insights into the state of the
industry that GfK and IIR will be revealing at TMRE 2015 taking place November
2-4 in Orlando, Florida, as we release the results of Future of Insights
Survey. Follow #FOInsights on Twitter and Facebook for more survey results
at TMRE.
As a valued member of
our LinkedIn community, you get an exclusive $100 off the current rate when you
use code TMRE15LI. Register for TMRE 2015 now to see the unveiling LIVE: http://bit.ly/1M51td4
We hope to see you in Orlando!

The TMRE 2015 Team