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Your future as an insights leader

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‘ Financial Services

Global Perspectives. Forge alliances and connect with global leaders from North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Countries represented include:

‘ UK
‘ India
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‘ China
‘ Italy
‘ Canada
‘ Mexico
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‘ Puerto Rico
‘ Russia
‘ Germany
‘ And many more

See the attending companies list here.

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How to Design and Communicate Trends that Spark Change

At the Market
Research Event (TMRE) Conference
in 2012, Dipanjan Chatterjee, Senior
Specialist, Trends, Target Corporation, sat down with IIR’s Marc Dresner to
discuss, The Cure for the Common Trend 2.0: How to Design and Communicate
Trends that Spark Change.
In his role, Chatterjee identifies trends, insights and
opportunities in the financial services, retail, and emerging technologies. In
addition, he is heavily immersed in strategic planning where he works with
senior level leadership to identify 3-5 year visions around what his department
wants to accomplish as a business unit within Target.

Every day, he looks around at what’s happening not only at Target, but across
the enterprise, outside of Target, inside the retail industry, inside the financial
services industry, and more.
Sign up for access to the full length video and discover his biggest challenges,
accomplishments, and what exactly it takes to succeed in trend.  To learn more, click here!
 Amanda Ciccatelli,
Social Media Strategist at IIR USA, has a background in digital and print
journalism, covering a variety of topics in business strategy, marketing, and
technology. She previously worked at Technology Marketing Corporation as a Web
Editor where she covered breaking news and feature stories in the tech
industry.  She can be reached at aciccatelli@iirusa.com. Follow her
at @AmanadCicc. 

How to Uncover Insights from Big Data in Financial Services?

Big Data
 (Photo: Kevin Krejci)

Knowing your customers is important for every sector but for financial services it is a must. There’s always been vast amounts of data – but as channels become more blurred and competitors fight for the most valuable customers – what opportunities exist in synthesizing all the information in such a way to humanize the data and more deeply understand your segments?

The Market Research Technology for Financial Services symposia, a highlight of The Future of Consumer Intelligence Event will share best practices on leveraging big data and analytics to engage, build and strengthen your customer relationships and drive business results.

Find out how financial institutions can:
‘ Leverage trends and methodical innovation to get to the heart of the future consumer
‘ Generate a competitive advantage through the use of big data and analytics
‘ Understand and excel in a mobile-drive market
‘ Use new operating models like the cloud, big data, collaboration and innovation to increase efficiency
‘ Identify the adoption rates and opportunities for growth of consumer use of the mobile wallet

Plus, don’t miss World Renowned Statistician Nate Silver sharing insight into Big Data and Predictive Analytics (and how he accurately predicted the outcome of all 50 states during the 2012 presidential election!)

Download the brochure for the complete conference program. Register today to secure your spot for this exclusive presentation, plus save 15% off!

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UBS, MasterCard & American Family Insurance Share the Future of Market Research

The producers of The Market Research Event and Market Research for Financial Services are thrilled to debut The Market Research Technology for Financial Services Symposia at the Future of Consumer Intelligence.

Focusing on the impact of technology on the financial services industry specifically, speakers will share insight and best practices on the mobile wallet, consolidation, leveraging social, consumer intelligence data and more.

Download the brochure for the full agenda.

Featured Sessions:

The Future Consumer: An Adapting Force to Take into Account for Your Corporate Strategy
Jaspar Roos, Chief Inspiration Officer, ABN AMRO

New Realities for Financial Services
Richie Etwaru, Director, Group GTO Office, UBS

Left Brain/Right Brain: Generating Insights in the Quest for Consumer Preference and Affection
Carlos Jose Fonseca, Senior Vice President, Group Head, Marketing Strategy, Planning and Analytics, MasterCard Worldwide

Data into Action
Matt McCombs, EVP Sales and Strategic Direction/Chief Operating Officer, DHCU Community Credit Union

Leveraging Research to Find Relevance
Telisa Yancy, Advertising Director, American Family Insurance

And more. Download the conference brochure for the full program.

PLUS! Don’t miss our highly anticipated keynote from Nate Silver. His 100% accuracy in calling all 50 states during the presidential election is historic. He’s doing just a handful of talks in 2013 so hearing him will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Register today to secure your spot for this exclusive presentation, plus save 15% off!

Examples of online communities in the financial services industry

For this week’s instalment in our series of online community examples we turn to the financial services industry.

Online communities in the financial services industry

There’s no escaping the fact that the financial services industry has been hit hard by the current economic climate. But like any industry at the moment, now is a great time to innovate in the way financial services companies communicate with and engage their customers. There are some really informed examples of social media by financial services brands and below are three great case studies of online communities in the industry from around the world.

Royal Bank of Canada Next Great Innovator

Since 2007, the Royal Bank of Canada has been running the Next Great Innovator Challenge, an online competition for university and college students across Canada to suggest an innovation for the financial services industry. The competition runs on an online community site that invites those taking part to submit their ideas, and to comment on and vote for those that others have submitted. This turns the competition into an example of real consumer co-creation. Allowing consumers to work together with each other to suggest and refine ideas that will change the financial services industry in Canada. The online community also performs a number of other functions. It is a way for the Royal Bank of Canada to share its ideas and information about innovation, business change and the financial services industry. They are using the challenge as a way to reach those often turned-off by discussions about financial services (university and college students) and then engages them through the online community. This site is a great way of getting new ideas into the business, engaging an often difficult-to-inspire audience and also to build relationships with people who will potentially be valuable customers to the bank in the future.

HSBC Business Network

The HSBC Business Network is an online community for both customers and non-customers, allowing businesses and entrepreneurs to share information with and gain information from their peers. It is a good example of brands using online communities to provide a service that compliments and enhances their existing product portfolio. Here they are providing business advice and networking opportunities, not something that HSBC has previously offered on this scale, but something that it is very possible for them to do using online communities. The site has gathered over 1,000 members since the start of 2008, and like any peer-to-peer advice and support community it’s value will really depend on the growth of its member base and then on these members being active in the community itself. The forum areas are currently popular and active and reflect both ongoing business and entrepreneurial concerns (such as how to manage staff) and topical talking points (cash collection in the credit crunch). It would be great to see these grow with time and also to see how HSBC use the resource they have created. Online communities in the financial services industry offer a great opportunity for peer advice and support to be combined with expert commentary from the organisation itself. Leveraging this expertise and mixing it with user discussions and comments can be a great way for the organisation to grow and build the size and value of the community, position itself as an expert in the area, and to learn from (and with) its consumers)


Wesabe is a money-management site and online community for people who want to share advice about personal finance decisions. It combines the kind of money-management tools you get in Quicken or Microsoft Money but adds a social layer on top of this. Users can add tags to their frequent purchases and become a ‘fan’, ‘user’ or ‘captive’ of the service or product. They can find other users in a similar situation and share advice and information with them to help them improve their financial decision-making. The social media element of the site also allows peer-to-peer financial advice, tips and information. And this is shown as relevant based on each users own situation and information they have entered into their profile. Wesabe is a great site and a great example of adding a social layer to an existing service. Money management tools are useful from an organisational perspective. By adding the social layer and letting people in similar circumstances find, interact and share advice with each other the site becomes a lot more useful. It stops being just an organisational tool and starts being a real service that they are gaining from. As with the HSBC example, this online community shows how using peer advice and support can be successful for organisations in the financial services industry. Online communities offer a way for people in similar situations to find each other and to support each other. Whilst you might not know somebody personally in the same situation as you, an online community can help you to find them and then for you t o help and support each other.From the FreshNetworks Blog See all our Online Community Examples Subscribe to updates from the FreshNetworks Blog