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Huffington Post and Social News

Kara Swisher’s latest post on her blog highlights how the Huffington Post has launched a new feature called HuffPost Social News in which it allows readers to create a personalized social networking page right on the Huffington site. The Huffington Post has already used Facebook Connect since January, but it believes that news is ultimately moving more and more into the ‘digital water cooler’ direction.

Kara also mentioned that there are already 1.7 million comments on the site monthly, but if it expands its reach with social news that number can easily expand even further. It will be interesting to see where tv news will head in the future once online communities and social networks take control.

Facebook’s next quest

The New York Times recently looked at Facebook’s newest quest to make the web a more social place. After Beacon’s explosion last year, they’re hoping that FacebookConnect with help Facebook users connect with their friends across the web. Users will log into certain sites, and they can see the activity of their friends across the web, with websites including the Discovery Channel, the San Fransisco Chronicle, Digg, Geni, and Hulu. These sites are also working together so that Facebook users can log in on one site and have it carry across teh web so they don’t have to sign in at every single access point. Facebook is hoping this will turn into a way to generate more revenue, but also have taken precautions to offer extended privacy to its users.

What do you think about Facebook’s newest tool? Will it result in another Beacon or will Facebook users begin to warm to the social web?