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Gamers get social media as Facebook comes to PS3

PS3 addicts can now access Facebook through their systems. Brandrepublic.com writes, Sony is promising more integration with Facebook to come, but in the meantime PlayStation owners will be able to check updates and those of their friends on Facebook and Twitter as well as other social media sites through the PS3′s built-in browser.

Most importantly with Facebook on the Xbox gamers will be able to find out which of their Facebook friends are also on Xbox Live. Other features include the ability to browse photos and update their status.

For more on the Facebook’s presence on PS3, please click here.

NYTimes: How to Market Your Business With Facebook

New York Times reporter Kermit Pattison writes today that small business owners may want to re-think their relationship with Facebook. As we’ve covered on this blog before, Facebook can be a powerful tool for small business owners. Utilizing the fan page and group functions, your product/service’s reach can extend far beyond your target market. Here’s what Pattison has to say, Businesses can easily create a Web presence with Facebook, even if they don’t have their own Web site (most companies still should maintain a Web site to reach people who don’t use Facebook or whose employers block access to the site). Businesses can claim a vanity address so that their Facebook address reflects the business name, like www.facebook.com/Starbucks. Facebook pages can link to the company’s Web site or direct sales to e-commerce sites like Ticketmaster or Amazon.

Read more of Pattison’s claims for Facebook and let us know your thoughts.

8% Growth in Social Media — Thanks to Aging Facebook Users

The Guardian reports today that social media has seen an 8% growth in popularity, largely thanks to the growing number of older persons on Facebook. Writer Mercedes Bunz says, the use of social media is still growing: a survey has revealed that 19% of internet users now say they use Twitter or another service to share updates about themselves or see updates about others.

Bunz also reports that Facebook users are getting a lot older. Its median age is now 33, up from 26 in May 2008, while the average Twitterer is still 31, a figure that has remained stable over the past year. By comparison, MySpace users’ median age is 26, down from 27 in May 2008, while LinkedIn is 39, down from 40.

Moms Using Social Media Grows

According to Mike Shields of Progressive Grocer, moms–especially new moms–are flocking to social networking sites. In a report by BabyCenter, moms of young children have reduced their time with magazines and newspapers and converted to the online networking sphere. Shields reports that many times moms have two sets of friends, the online group of peers and their friends and family. “Because these women are so social, and so information hungry, they often meet other mothers in similar child-rearing stages on sites like BabyCenter and all sorts of mommy blogs.”

How can social networking sites cater to new moms?