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TMRE 2012 EXPLOR Award Winners Share The Hidden Motivations of Mobile Users ‘ Complimentary Web Seminar

The EXPLOR award, brought to you by uSamp & DM2, is presented each year at The Market Research Event and recognizes technology innovation and the advancement of research. Congratulations to the 2012 EXPLOR Award recipients, InsightsNow & AOL!

We’re pleased to present a webinar recording of the award winning case study for you to view and share: 

In Seven Shades of Mobile: The Hidden Motivations of Mobile Users, Vicki Draper of AOL, and Alec Maki of InsightsNow, share the details of this groundbreaking study, and how AOL and BBDO partnered with InsightsNow to answer the pressing question ‘What should we be doing on mobile’?

To get beneath the surface and unearth the underlying motivations of mobile users, a revolutionary three-pillared approach that combined mobile, metered data, a primary ethnography study and a quantitative survey was applied.

This research provided strategic clarity as to why consumers behave the way they do, uncovering several insights that run counter to the traditional view of the mobile space.

In this webinar, we’ll describe this innovative approach and counterintuitive findings that emerged.

In this session, you’ll learn:
‘ How using the lens of the moment enabled AOL to move beyond the conventional view of mobile behavior

‘ About the groundbreaking methodology employed to integrate mobile ethnography, a quantitative segmentation and metered mobile data
‘ Surprising findings about mobile behavior uncovered by the study
‘ Implications for how marketers should be thinking about mobile

Live From TMRE 2011: PepsiCo and Sentient Win 12th Annual EXPLOR!

The 12TH Annual EXPLOR Awards Honor PepsiCo and Sentient Decision Science for Outstanding Market Research Innovation

Finalists Hewlett-Packard/Qualvu and Microsoft/Blueocean Showcase Exemplary Achievements in Applying Technology to Market Research

uSamp, one of the world’s fastest growing technology and online sampling companies, and sponsor of the EXPLOR Award, today named PepsiCo and its market research partner, Sentient Decision Science, winners of the prestigious 2011 EXPLOR Award. Now in its 12th year, the EXPLOR Awards celebrate exemplary achievements in market research by recognizing the most innovative applications of technology in the field today.

Sentient Decision Science and PepsiCo presented their case study during The Market Research Event (TMRE), being held Nov. 7 – 9 in Orlando. TMRE brings together hundreds of the leading market researchers across the globe to exchange cutting-edge knowledge and learn what’s new, next and critical in market research.

“The EXPLOR Award is a significant recognition of our work measuring emotions quantitatively and using the decision sciences to gain real insight into the underlying motivations of shopper choice,” said Will Leach, director, strategic insights, PepsiCo. “Our winning of this prestigious award is proof-positive we are moving in the right direction.”

“Significant elements of our work with PepsiCo illustrate the future of market research, and we are honored to achieve industry recognition with the EXPLOR Award,” said Aaron Reid, Ph.D., chief behavioral scientist, Sentient Decision Science. “From our perspective, the future of marketing can be found today in the behavioral science literature, which allows us to understand the why’s of human behavior that have yet to be applied to business questions on a large scale.”

This year’s world-class judging panel ‘ from noteworthy organizations like General Mills, GfK, NBC Universal and Wharton ‘ selected the top three candidates from among submissions focused on research-enabling technologies that ultimately enhance the research process, data collection, or dissemination of information. The goal is to highlight companies that are making a positive impact on market research and the profession overall. Case studies must highlight a client-specific research initiative and are accepted from brands, academics and research suppliers.

Download the finalists’ case studies:
PepsiCo/Sentient, Hewlett-Packard/Qualvu, Microsoft/Blueocean

“We extend our congratulations to PepsiCo and Sentient for being named winners of the 2011 EXPLOR awards, which celebrate excellence, creativity and innovation in market research,” said Chuck Miller, CRO of uSamp. “Pepsico/Sentient, together with finalists Hewlett-Packard/Qualvu and Microsoft/Blueocean, have demonstrated exceptional enterprise and market research leadership through their case studies, providing inspiration to all of us.”

About EXPLOR Awards
The EXPLOR Awards is an annual case study competition, honoring technology innovation in marketing research. Innovation leaders from global corporations, research agencies and academia are invited to submit high impact cases where technology and innovation have advanced the research and insight process. For more details on the finalists’ case studies, please download: PepsiCo/Sentient, Hewlett-Packard/Qualvu, Microsoft/Blueocean.