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Who’s Using Social Media?

What do you think the percentage is of companies that have added social media to their marketing mix? This post on eMarketer details the results of the 2009 Marketing Industry Trends Report conducted by Equation Research which found that the majority of businesses are already using social media. About 59% of all US brand marketers surveyed claim that social media is already part of their marketing activity? Do these numbers shock you? Here’s the chart below.

Why Pay Attention to Online Ads?

I came across this post on eMarketer that details some reasons why UK internet users pay attention to online ads. Top 2 reasons why users pay attention to ads it because “it is relevant to them” and “it is useful to them.” This information is definitely worthwhile to all social networks that incorporate online ads on their platform. Take a look at the chart below.

Privacy Still Remains an Issue in Online Ad Targeting

Businesses are continuously facing the problem that comes along with online ad targeting and privacy. This article on eMarketer discusses how a recent Harris Poll indicates that 55% of 2,513 respondents are comfortable with websites that have privacy policies which allows targeted advertising content. Respondents aged 18-31 were more comfortable than others, 62% approved of such privacy policies.

Marketers still can not ignore the fact that more than 45% of respondents are not comfortable with policies that allow ad targeting. In the future, marketers looking to advertise in communities and networks will have to address privacy concerns, as it will not be going away anytime soon.