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Free Webinar – The Search for Meaning in Fuzzy Data: Can Advanced Statistical Techniques Be Applied to Qualitative Research?

Date: Thursday, January 28th
Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm EST
Register: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/965782985
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Can Advanced Statistical Techniques Be Applied to Qualitative Data?

* Are you familiar with factor analysis?
* How about color analysis of images?
* Have you ever applied quantitative analysis to qualitative or projective techniques?

Traditionally, online research has been purely quantitative and focused primarily on numeric data. While qualitative research highlights thematic and sub-conscious learning, sometimes fuzzier findings or unstructured data. However, as qualitative and projective techniques are used online with more robust sample sizes, new ways to analyze the data emerge. Sometime you get surprising results.

For nearly 10 years, BuzzBack has been pioneering innovative online qualitative techniques, developing award-winning ways to collect and analyze online qualitative data. Our techniques, including eCollageTM and Verbatim ViewerTM, have been recognized by today’s leading research organizations.

Through a case study approach, this webinar will highlight new ways you can analyze unstructured data ‘ even applying traditionally quantitative approaches. You’ll learn:

* What factor analysis is and how it’s traditionally used
* How factor analysis can be applied to qualitative findings
* Ways color analysis can be applied to online collaging

Join Allan Due, VP Research Analytics of BuzzBack, and explore new ways to find meaning in fuzzy data.

Featured Speaker:
Allan has over 10 years’ experience in Marketing Research. Prior to working at BuzzBack, Allan was VP, New Products and Databases at Ipsos-ASI where he planned, developed, and implemented New Product initiatives including Next-Idea; An Online Kids Test to measure ad effectiveness and Online Modeled Reach Measures. Allan was also responsible for all Online testing methodologies at Ipsos-ASI. Prior to that Allan was a professor at Fordham University for 6 years where he was the Director of the Psychometrics program. Allan completed Ph.D. programs in Psychometrics and Counseling Psychology at the University of Minnesota.

So Many Presentations, So Little Time

April will certainly write up more about what a whirlwind TMRE can be. There is such an abundance of information and presentation, great speakers that focus on valuable content rather than simple sales-pitches. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough time to meet with everyone and see their presentations. So I’ve tried to meet with a few and have them describe what their presenting on. I think you’ll find each very fascinating.

So where to begin, well I had a chance to chat with Robert Miner, President, Sachs Insights, who was on hand to present on their recent study: The Arrival of the Milleni-Adults. He was good enough to share some detail about the study, all of which you can find detail here. Here is an opening clip to that study.

Here he is speaking with us and describing this remarkable study.

Then I had a chance to sit down and chat with Heather Kluter, Manager of Marketing Research & Consumer Insights with Hyundai, who was presenting on ‘Learning to See and Finding Our Voice: Creating a Customer-Centric Product Development Process at Hyundai America.’ She gave us some background on her presentation she’ll be giving Thursday morning.

Finally, I was speaking with Brendan Light, SVP, Research & Development, of BuzzBack Market Research. He’ll be presenting on ‘Award-Winning Techniques for Gaining Deeper Insights Via The Internet.’ Recently, he gave presented their unique eCollaging technique in a webinar presentation. We’ve archived it and have it available for you all here. I think once you see this archive, you’ll be very interested in seeing Brendan’s presentation on Thursday afternoon.

As you can see, even from just these few speakers, there are some great presentations at TMRE this year. I hope those of you who are here, will be able to share their impressions about the speakers and presenters. I’ll meet with as many more speakers as possible so we can share for everyone some detail of the great information available. Check back soon!