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More from #TMRE14: An Inside Look at eBay’s Shopper Strategy

Gireesh Joshi

Gireesh Joshi, Director of Customer Insights at eBay, outlined the
process behind which research-based insights are used at eBay to identify and
help the company select from strategic options around ‘where to play’ and ‘how
to win,’ respectively.

Joshi took us behind the scenes of eBay’s dilemma of whether to
remain a pure Internet play or to become an omni-channel presence, possibly by
opening eBay brick-and-mortar stores, for example.
eBay has opted for neither and is instead pursuing an ‘Internet-enabled
commerce’ focus, fueled largely by research into the role mobile plays in
Joshi reported 62% of shoppers use their mobile devices in the
store (‘showrooming’) and 63% of all purchase journeys begin online (‘bedrooming’).
used to think consumers alternated between two parallel worlds.’

‘We used to think consumers alternated between two parallel
worlds, but they don’t distinguish between online and offline. It’s all one
journey within which the Internet is pervasive,’ he said. 

Joshi pointed out that 90% of commerce still happens in the
physical store, despite the fact that shopping online is more convenient and
the same items sold online frequently cost less. 
Why? Because people don’t like to pay for shipping, as a matter of
principle, and they don’t like to delay purchase gratification. 
‘The starting point for shopping has moved from the
brick-and-mortar store to the computer or mobile device, but we end up at the
store,’ Joshi said, noting 52% of shoppers have now bought online and picked up
their purchase in the store.
eBay’s Click & Collect service capitalizes on this
growing trend.
The service
launched in the UK last year and has been so ‘amazingly successful’ that eBay
is planning a global rollout. 
Joshi also talked about the intriguing research eBay is conducting
around the discovery leg of the purchase funnel. (Nugget: eBay found the
discovery process for women shoppers differs from that of men.)
He noted manufacturers and retailers tend to focus on the
selection and fulfillment aspects of shopping today, while the critically
important process of discovery remains poorly understood by everyone, including
consumers, themselves
‘How does a consumer find what they want when they often don’t
know what it is they want’? Joshi explained.
This work’with some inspiration from Pinterest‘has led to eBay’s ‘Follow It. Find It‘ initiative to harness its 150 million users as ‘collection curators.’

Editor’s note: Gireesh Joshi was also featured in
TMRE’s Research Insighter interview series, in which he discussed how eBay
realized a NINE-FIGURE ROI on a predictive modeling-based approach that combined
behavioral data and survey research. Check it out here!

Marc Dresner is IIR USA’s sr. editor and special communication
project lead. He is the former executive editor of Research
Business Report
, a confidential newsletter for the marketing
research and consumer insights industry. He may be reached at mdresner@iirusa.com. Follow him @mdrezz.

Research Insighter Video: eBay on Predictive Insights and Futuring

Gireesh Joshi discusses the future of insights at eBay with Marc Dresner, Senior Editor and Special Communication Projects Lead at IIR USA, in this episode of TMREtv’s The Research Insighter brought  to you by The Market Research Event (TMRE).

In this video, we showcase:

  • Driving Business Strategy:

Solving the problem of improving customer retention.

  • More than Surveys:

Taking surveys at face value is not that helpful because survey takers tend to rationalize what they think or what they want you to think.

  • Eliminating Rationalization:

Using the surveys to combine with behavioral data allowed them to create a model instead of relying on the consumer to tell the truth.

About the Author:

Ryan Polachi is a contributing writer concentrating his
focus on Marketing, Finance and Innovation. He can be reached at rpolachi@IIRUSA.com.

Who’s winning the culture wars?

Brands are beginning to question whether knowing their consumer is enough. In a world of constant change, being culturally relevant and future-focussed is increasingly important. Culturally-connected brands can be nimble and operate in real time. When your brand is part of culture, not sitting on the surface, you stand a better chance of being noticed and loved.

But how exactly do you connect with something as amorphous as ‘culture’? And how do you know when you’re doing it right?
 For the last four years we’ve been measuring how successfully brands are connecting with the zeitgeist.
We asked 62,950 people in 10 countries in our Cultural Traction’ 2013 Report. We measured each brand’s VIBE ‘ that’s how Visionary, Inspiring, Bold and Exciting they are ‘ to see how well they’re tapping into cultural trends.

The change in a brand’s VIBE over time is its Cultural Traction’. If traction is decreasing, the brand is falling out of step and faces trouble, if it’s increasing the brand has its finger on the right pulse and may be destined for greater things.

In this year’s Top 10 ‘ somewhat unsurprisingly ‘ tech titans Google and Apple dominate.  Google seems more Inspiring and Exciting, Apple more Visionary and Bold. They’re joined by other industry innovators, Samsung, Microsoft and eBay, as well as BMW and Audi. Surprise entries are IKEA and Coca-Cola, proving you don’t have to make machines to join the cultural conversation.

So what makes a winner? At the heart of our top 10 brands is the belief and opportunity to drive the human race forward. Google gives us access to endless potential and innovates constantly. Apple is the original brand to give us access to the future (although its traction has been slowing over the last two years). Ikea opens our minds to possibilities and approaches the future with real optimism and Coke, well they’re all about optimism. It seems that in tricky times we’re looking for direction, vision, confidence and hope.

And the losers? Lurking at the bottom are booze brands who, despite their size, are losing cultural relevance. How we connect with people has fundamentally changed over the last decade, and alcohol brands need to work harder to keep up.  At the bottom are mainly FMCG brands, but Twitter and Yahoo are also languishing, failing to join other tech brands on the podium.

So, what do brands that are out-of-step with culture have in common?

Brands in the bottom 10 encourage us to live life to the full, but exist only in the moment. They want us to have fun, but are without direction ‘ hedonists with nowhere to go after the party. Brands that connect with culture are visionary, opinionated, give direction and create change. Brands in the bottom are fun without substance.

One thing seems certain ‘ brands who ignore the world around them do so at their peril.


Izzy Pugh, Cultural Insight Director, Added Value UK. This blog was originally published in Contagious Magazine. You can learn more about Cultural Insights from Added Value’s North American CEO, Maggie Taylor, as she presents ‘Refresh.  Or perish.  Why Cultural Vibrancy Counts’ at The Market Research Event in Nashville October 21-23 

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The Wait is Over ‘ The TMRE 2013 Program is Here

We’re researchers, but we’re also trained scientists. Skeptical of the instant insight, DIY sensations, we’re classically trained and we must ensure the integrity of data and insights. Yet we also need to keep up with the accelerated pace of business decision making.

Pairing the tried and true rigor with new, more nimble approaches can bring incredible opportunities to collect richer insights – faster and cheaper. So now it’s up to us – the “experts” to find the perfect balance of rigor and expediency. In doing so, we’ll ensure the future relevancy of our entire industry. The race is on.

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3. The researcher’s role is now a hybrid one – grounded in science and data but polished in business acumen.  Our new track on Your Hybrid Skillset features case studies from experts who have mastered this new dual role with tips for how you can do the same.

4. For years we’ve considered including Competitive Intelligence and User Research in TMRE. As these groups work more collaboratively with insights teams, in 2013 we welcome these teams with open arms.  Learn how to better integrate with CI and user teams to develop truly holistic consumer and market views.

5. It’s serendipitous when one of the world’s best known and best selling authors just happens to write a new book on the EXACT topic you’re craving more information about. Dan Pink, Author of To Sell Is Human, recognized that even though we aren’t in “sales” by title, we are indeed in sales by responsibility. We must “sell” the value of insights and research to our end users, internal and external clients daily.  Dan will bring a wealth of knowledge about how those not classically trained in sales can excel.

6. TMRE is proud to once again host two of the research industry’s most prestigious awards. The winners of the annual EXPLOR award will be on hand to present their case study demonstrating the business impact of technical innovation and the winners of NGMR’s Disruptive Innovator Award will unite in a provocative panel about what true innovation really means for our industry as a whole.

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Driving Business Results through Expanded Leadership and Employee Engagement

Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit Chairman, Scott Swift, says that a good customer experience or VOC program must have a well-known, identifiable goal. An organization must understand why they’re creating and executing a customer experience program and know the benefits and outcomes that are expected from the program.

The Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit will give you the insights and skills necessary to make your customer programs a success. Find out how creating a customer-centric culture within your organization, through expanded leadership and employee engagement can drive business results.

Sessions focused on the Customer Culture include: 

‘ Driving Good Profits by Building a Customer-Centric Culture, Safelite AutoGlass
‘ How Can Customer Centricity be Profitable? The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
‘ Outside In: The Power of Putting Your Customers at the Center of Your Business, Forrester
‘ Leadership Engagement Strategies, Janet LeBlanc + Associates
‘ Creating Culture: Driving Business Results through Expanded Leadership and Employee Engagement, Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Leadership Learning Systems, Okemo Mountain Resort, Triple Peaks

Trends in Customer Experience…from Conference Chair, Scott Swift: 

According to Scott Swift, Vice President, Customer Information, Hunter Douglas, social media is one of the biggest trends in customer experience today.

While social media may complicate the customer experience process, and be seen as a challenge, the opportunities are endless. Organizations can take this time to focus on their customer’s experience through every touch point, to simplify and streamline their customer approach.

Hear more about customer experience and social media from Scott here.

Join customer-focused leaders from CVS Caremark, eBay, Eli Lilly and Company, Facebook, JetBlue, Nationwide, Toyota Financial Services and more as they share best practices with their own customer programs that drive business results.

Registration Information:
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How to Make Smarter Decisions in a Data Overloaded World

Big Data is a small idea; according to Christopher Frank it’s all about being able to use the information to make smarter decisions. However, according to a recent study by McKinsey, the United States will soon face a shortage of up to “1.5 million managers and analysts to analyze big data and make decisions from their findings.”*

The Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit will explore the skills needed to sift through the Big Data to uncover and understand the insights that lead to better business decisions. Customer-focused leaders from eBay, Facebook, Forrester, Hunter Douglas, JetBlue, Safelite AutoGlass, Toyota Financial Services and more will share best practices with their own customer programs that drive business results.

Christopher Frank

Keynote Spotlight: Curating the Customer Conversation: Making Smarter Decisions in a Data Overloaded World
- Christopher Frank, Vice President, American Express, Author, Drinking from the Fire Hose

Just about everyone these days suffers from information overload the 24/7 explosion from our computers, smartphones, media, colleagues and customers. Information is essential to making intelligent decisions, but more often than now, it simply overwhelms us. It’s like trying to drink from a fire hose.

How do you find the truly essential nuggets of information and use them with confidence? From first-hand experience from Fortune 100 companies and start-ups, Christopher Frank will share insights to drive your customer experience agenda forward.

The Explor Awards Finalists: eBay and Invoke Solutions

The EXPLOR Awards are back at TMRE this year! This week, we’ll be taking a look at the four finalists!

Finalist #1: eBay and Invoke Solutions

How eBay Used Real-time Hybrid Research to Fuel Early Stage Idea Development and Global Consensus Building

Represented by:
Mike Katz, Principal User Experience Researcher, eBay
Peter Mackey, EVP Research and BusinessDevelopment, Invoke Solutions

This session will share how eBay developed and implemented a real-time hybrid research program that unveiled insights used to develop ideas and innovation.

The 2010 EXPLOR Awards winner will be announced at The Market Research Event, taking place November 8-10, 2010.

How can eBay help your research?

In a recent article at MJLComputer.com, they look at eBay as a valuable tool for market research. The website Pulse.Ebay.com looks at the current trending topics on eBay. This can be benficial to sellers who are looking to appeal to consumers tastes. Since eBay is a market place that is open 24 hours a day, it’s appeal to the market and ability to show current desires is huge.

What do you think? Do you see eBay Pulse as a valuable tool?

Community 2.0 Speaker Profile: David O. Sacks

With the Community 2.0 event coming up in May, we’re going to take the few months before that to introduce you to our keynote speakers for this year’s event. Twice a month, we’ll share with you one of our featured key note speakers. Community 2.0 is May 11-13 in San Fransisco, California at The Palace Hotel. This week, we’re featuring keynote speaker David O. Sachs, founder and CEO of Geni Inc and Yammer, and former COO of Paypal.

Sachs was the founder of Paypal, and created a company worth $1.3 billion when sold to eBay in 2002. He then moved to Los Angeles and produced the movie Thank You for Smoking.

You can see David present his keynote speech “How Micro Sharing Tools Make Enterprise Communication More Efficient” on Tuesday, May 12 at Community 2.0.

Listen to David O Sachs’ podcast with Venture Voices here.

Watch the trailer for Thank You for Smoking: