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An Interview with Constant Contact

In a recent interview at Customers are Always, Maria Palma had a chance to talk with Larry Streeter, the Vice President of Customer Support at Constant Contact. Constant Contact provides services so that business owners can utilize email marketing, e-newsletters, and customer surveys via the internet. At Constant Contact, there are four ways for customers to connect to the organization: phone, live chat, email support and an E-Service group for self help options. Their mission statement is simple: Delight the Customer. Their goal is to delight the customer through every contact medium, whether it is over telephone, chat or email. In order to prepare their customer service representatives, they spend three weeks in training. And their training doesn’t stop after that, as they constantly have refresher training courses, team meetings and interactions with their managers. They’ve also started to utilize the web to bring a community to their website. ConnectUp! is an online community that provides Constant Contact customers to network and work together to discuss their techniques on email marketing. It also gives Constant Contact way to collect feedback on how they’re doing with the customer. Constant Contact is well rewarded by its customers for their superior customer service, as Larry Streeter states below: What really drives all of our Support staff on a daily basis is the growth of the company resulting from a great product and the awe-inspiring service we provide our customers. Customers often go out of their way to send us an email praising the Support associate that just answered their question, and it reminds all of us how much impact we have on fueling that continual growth!

Research is Critical in Internet Marketing

Pushing your product and services through the internet is not an easy task, even though one might initially think that. One of the factors most commonly overlooked when forming an internet marketing campaign is market research. This post on The NMP Network highlights some basics to internet marketing. Researching the market is the first step in starting an effective e-campaign. You must first identify your target market, think of ways to reach them, and convey a message with value to these prospects to better explain what you are offering. Identifying the target is important because essentially you are trying to maximize your hit. The second basic listed on the post was search engines. A lot of patience is needed to get your rankings on the 1st page on a natural search, but by spending some money you can easily list your business on the top results using paid searches. Finally, email promotions are the last basic for internet marketing. This technique can be quite effective since many users opt-in for communications such as newsletters. Market research is the basis for effective internet marketing. Without good research, businesses can not reach their target market. Take a quick glance at the post to see if your business has all the basics covered.