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Traditional Advertising Still Has Positive Effects

In a new study released today by Yankelovich with the Sequent Partners, summed up here at TV Decoder, a New York Times Blog, states that traditional media advertising still has more of an effect on consumers than digital media advertising. Of the people surveyed, 56% found that they left traditional media advertising with a positive feeling. In this study, traditional media advertising encompassed billboards, TV commercials, magazines, newspapers, radios, and movie theater advertising. In contrast, only 31% of those surveyed left digital media ads with a positive impression. Digital media advertising was defined as email messages, internet banner ads, social networking websites, video games and advertising on social networking websites. Other surveyors, 21%, left digital media with negative impression while 48% felt neutral, or had no impression from digital media. The survey looked at some of the variations why this could be, and found that when people were on the internet, they had a mission. They were less susceptible to noticing advertisements, while consumers who were watching TV were relaxed and more open to advertisements.