10 Mobile Trends for 2014 and Beyond via JWT

“This fantastic report covers significant drivers and manifestations of these developments, and their implications for brands. ’10 Mobile Trends for 2014 and Beyond’ is based around on-the-ground research shared by JWT.”

Today ‘mobile’ connotes not only our phones and tablets but other connected devices like wearables and cars, and ‘smart’ objects and systems (aka the Internet of Things). Some of this tech is in its infancy, but it’s maturing quickly, as evidenced by the many connected cars and wearables debuting this year and heavy emphasis on the IoT.   

We’re hurtling toward a world steeped in and vastly impacted by mobile technology, with mobile driving fundamental changes in the business landscape and in consumer behaviors and expectations.   

Certainly consumers are spending ever more time with mobile screens. A Millward Brown study released in March reports that across 30 countries, people spend an average of 147 minutes a day using a smartphone, which now outranks the TV or laptop screen. And this figure may soon seem low, considering that phones are the only available route to the Internet for many of the newest mobile consumers. Already Facebook has more mobile-only than desktop-only users.   

As phones and many other connected devices become integrated into every part of our lives, the real and virtual worlds will get increasingly blurred. Marketers will need to transition from focusing on the mobile platform in and of itself to thinking holistically about how mobile affects and interacts with everything else.

The 10 Mobile Trends for 2014

1. Holistic connectivity is on the horizon
2. Wearables break out
3. Mobile is the prime screen
4. Mobile changes how we socialize
5. Shifting to visual
6. Outsourcing to the machine
7. Privacy and security fears change the game
8. Raging against the machine
9. Bringing mobile to many
10. Mobile disrupts everything

JWT: 10 Mobile Trends for 2014 and Beyond (May 2014) from JWTIntelligence

This is an abridged version of their in-depth 124-page report, visit them at JWTIntelligence.com/trendletters for full access.

Live from #MediaInsight: How Digital Has Disrupted Consumer Behavior Forever

This morning on the last day of our inaugural Media Insights & Engagement, James McQuivey, Ph.D., VP, Principal Analyst, FORRESTER, and Author, DIGITAL DISRUPTION, spoke to us about how How Digital Has Disrupted Consumer Behavior Forever.

The consumer has already been disrupted. Will you join them? It’s now necessary from the business side to create these experiences and relations in a way that has been unprecedented before.

You must join them and disrupt yourself.

Digital disrupters raise the bar:

they build better experiences
create stronger customer relationships
deliver efficiency, doing it faster than competitors

 Digital Disruption Economics:

More people empowered, more ideas, going to market, operating at a 1/10th of the cost with 100x the power.

Media Industry examples: more people create and distribute content for free, creating a super abundance of content options. (not replacing content, but enhancing the offerings)

Whoever has the relationship with the viewer, wins.

To participate you must digitally disrupt your customer relationship.

Media companies will want to distribute to these screens.

  • Retailer will want to use them to sell products
  • Manufacturers will want a direct connections
  • Platforms will try to own the whole experience

Who wins the relationships? Because in the end that’s who wins.

It’s a senior level decision to get every one ready and prepared to do begin connecting at every customer touch point.


Valerie RussoFormerly a senior copy editor at Thomson Reuters, a research editor at AOL,  and a senior web publicist at Hachette Book GroupValerie M. Russo is editor at large of The Front End of Innovation BlogThe Market Research Event BlogThe World Future Trends Tumblr, the Digital Impact Blog, and also blogs at Literanista.net. She is the innovation lead and senior social media strategist for the Marketing and Business Strategy Division of the Institute for International Research, an Informa LLC., and her poetry was published in Regrets Only on sale at the MOMA Gift Shop. Her background is in Anthropology and English Literature. You can reach her at vrusso@iirusa.com or @Literanista.