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Digital Learning Options for the Market Research Professional Who Can’t Leave the Office

Is a 3-day event out of your budget? Or are you too busy
this month to leave the office for a conference?
We understand and want to help you become better at your job right from your
office chair.
Here are 4 pieces of digital content to help you accelerate
in your career:
The OmniShopper Digital Package
For the first time, you can reap the benefit of the
visionary knowledge shared at OmniShopper from your own office. Don’t let
geographic and budget limitations stand in your way, take the necessary steps
to ensure your future relevance by commercializing vision by purchasing the
OmniShopper Digital Package.
Buy the video package here: http://bit.ly/1Ltymo9
Webinar On New Ways CX Researchers Predict Customer
In this webinar on October 8th at 1:00 PM EST,
John Georgesen, Ph.D. and Senior Director, Research Analytics and Decision
Sciences at Convergys Analytics., will discuss how three Fortune 100 companies
are tapping into new technologies and using linkage methodologies to uncover
customers’ needs, wants, and actual behaviors ‘ and turning those insights into
business cases for action.
Register for the webinar here: http://bit.ly/1fRmxL4
Podcast Interview with Target Head of Mutlicultural
The Millennial consumer has four core needs and
expectations. Fail to meet every one and you risk losing him or her, according
to Michael Abata, multicultural marketing manager and consumer futurist at
Target. He shared some thoughts, tips and observations that researchers should
consider, notably around mobile.
Listen to or read the full interview here: http://bit.ly/1NR9dpg
We hope these digital learning options give you the tools
you need for success!
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The IIR Market Research Events Team


News Round-up: 2011 milestones and 2012 Tech Trends

Going forward in 2012 we’d like to provide you with some occasional round-ups of some of our favorite finds from around the internet.

This week was full of treasures, first of all one of our favorite resources for inspiration Design Mind by Frog Design released their 2012 Tech Trend Predictions. Check out the slideshow below, or head over to their blog for more in-depth info. Our favorite trends? “Connected Cities” – or the increased convergence of the digital with the physical and local – and “The Reductive Social Network: Technology Finally Gets Personal,” which explores the ways we will narrow our ever-increasing social circles.

Also of interest, The Barbarian Group launched this infographic of 2011 social media milestones. It’s amazing to look back and see how far we’ve come in the past year.

We’ve been closely following the development of Pinterest lately, as more and more sources are buzzing about the new network. Mashable announced this week that Pinterest is amongst the 60 new apps that have been added. If you’re thinking about using Pinterest for business, be sure to check out “Pinterest: A Dream-catcher for Creatives & CEOs” on the Front End of Innovation blog.

Lastly, from the world of Mobile,  a new App, “ReconAge” allows Android phones to be able to judge the age of their users. While this could provide valuable data to marketers, it’s unclear if users would opt in to using the program. Meanwhile, in India, mobile users are now able to download apps via a store at the mall. This post on Fast Company provides more insight into the new world of “Connected Consumers.”

What were your favorite digital marketing links this week? What resources do you turn to?

New Research on Social Gaming

A May 2011 study by Saatchi & Saatchi found that of US internet users ages 18 to 44, 50% play social games on a daily basis.

This study, entitled “Engagement Unleashed: Gamification for Business, Brands and Loyalty,” also found the following:

“When asked how they would like to hear about a new product, 44% of respondents preferred email communications and 37% would choose some kind of online game experience. Only 3% wanted to be told about new products by TV or radio advertising.”

Given discussions of social gaming trends that occurred at this year’s Social Media and Communities 2.0 conference and the much-buzzed about potential of a Zynga IPO, social gaming is certainly a hot topic right now. The idea that game players are willing to view advertising or perform market research within the context of a game is a very attractive one to marketers.

Yesterday, IIR had the pleasure of hosting a webinar “Winning the Battle for Consumer Attention in a Fragmented Media World” presented by comScore. This presentation further showed that digital advertising within online entertainment was a growing avenue. In fact, one finding presented was that “exposure to display ads doesn’t just impact online sales ‘ it lifts in-store sales as well.”

The full presentation is still available for archived viewing, watch it here.

Given these new findings, would you consider advertising with a social game? Or developing a social game as part of your digital strategy? Have you seen any other recent research on these topics? Share with us in the comments or find us on twitter @Community20.

Michelle LeBlanc is a Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a specialization in marketing. She may be reached at mleblanc@iirusa.com.

Digital advertisment pays off for Delta

From February to mid-June of 2009, Delta worked with Digitas to more effectively target it’s potential customers of international travel. They worked with Digitas to reach these customers through digital mediums at places of high traffic such as ferry terminals, health clubs, gas stations and cafes, to increase awareness of Delta as an international carrier.

The success of the campaign was substantial:
– Awareness of Delta as an international carrier increased by more than 28%.
– Among business travelers, the perception that Delta “flies to the international destinations you want to go to” increased 26%.
– The percentage of people “very likely” to recommend Delta to friends, family or colleagues increased by 61%.
– 32% of those who noticed the screens (index of 695 against U.S. national average) fit Delta’s income demo.
– Those who noticed the screens were frequent travelers who had an average of 5.2 business trips a year.
– Overall awareness of Delta increased by 15%

Have you begun to target your potential customers digitally? What are your goals when doing so? How have you best found a way to measure that?

Source: CNN Money