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Who Owns What?

Check out this very interesting post over at Britopian about the ownership of social media. The poster doesn’t spend much time actually thinking about who owns the social media aspect of companies’but they do delve into the ‘why and how’ aspect of ownership.

”is it marketing, PR or the business units who are out there building community? I really don’t know and I really don’t care. Implementing social media within in an organization requires a paradigm shift. It requires employees at all levels ‘ starting at the very top ‘ to change their thinking and embrace online relationships; as well as the conversations that blossom. It requires those who touch social media to communicate and share what they are doing internally.’

Who owns the social media aspect of your organization?

How sociable are you?

In a recent post at Beth’s Blog, she shared a new application she came across. How Sociable? takes a look at how you’re branding is faring in the social world. Inuda Innovations are the engineers behind the project. You can keep up with their blog here.
According to How Sociable’s blog post, here’s how the scores are measured:
We took a set of benchmark results using one globally recognised traditional brand and gave it a score of 1000. To ensure that even small, local brands would register we made it a sliding scale. For example, Coca-Cola has around 8,000 times more photos mentioning them on Flickr compared to our company Inuda, but we still get a score of 10 for having some photos rather than getting 0.
I took some time to check Facebook’s brand visibility, and it received a score of 3187. A much larger brand, for example, the NFL has a score of 1483, while the US Open has a score of 773. What’s your brand’s score? Do you think this tool will help you improve your use of the social web?

Podcasting Relationship to Social Media

This blog post from Social Media Today, brought up an interesting topic: Is podcasting considered a part of social media? The authors response was no, and that the distinction for podcasting was that it is a form of new media and not social media. He cited his reasons as that this medium is considered to be a one way dialog and to qualify as social media there needs to be more than one person engaging in conversation. This then begs the question of what is social media then. According to Wikipedia the definition is:
the use of electronic and Internet tools for the purpose of sharing and discussing information and experiences with other human beings.’
What do you consider to be social media? Do you disagree with the author on his stance on podcasting and its relationship to social media vs. new media?