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Leading CX Transformation: How to Drive Customer-Centricity

Photo: Frederic Edwin Church – Aurora Borealis – Google Art Project. From Wikimedia Commons.

“It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story.” – Native American proverb

What is a customer-centric organization? According to Janet LeBlanc, President, Janet LeBlanc & Associates Inc., customer-centric organizations:
- Aggressively seek to understand the customer
- Have leaders who meet with employees and customers constantly

During last month’s Total CX Leaders Conference, Janet described how organizations can drive a customer-centric culture:

1. Strategic alignment: Clearly communicate a shared vision of the ideal customer experience. Measure the impact of customer experience initiatives on business performance. Hire customer-focused executives.

2. Senior leadership: Act as a role model for customer-centric behaviors. Regularly showcase examples of customer-centric behaviors by employees. Spend time interacting directly with customers.

3. Customer insights: Quickly identify and resolve trouble spots in the customer experience. Use customer feedback to improve customer communication. Gather customer feedback, in real time, to identify early signs of customer defection.

4. Employee engagement: Clearly define what employees need to do differently to improve the customer experience. Give employees the authority to resolve customer issues on the spot. Provide employees with the right information to address customer issues.

5. Measurements and rewards: Use rewards, other than monetary, to reinforce customer-centric behaviors. Track the effectiveness of customer experience action plans and initiatives. Reward and recognize the achievement of customer experience improvements.

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