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Beverage Choices decreasing across Fast Food Chains

A recent study by Technomic, detailed here at QSR Web, has found that limited services restaurants have trimmed down their drink menus, getting rid of many of the customizable drinks, including teas, coffees and smoothies. They wish to focus on their regular beverages, such as soft drinks, because they see them as being more profitable in the long run. On the contrary, they found that full service restaurants have slightly increased the total number of drinks on their menu, to include more mocktails (typically drinks including lemonade and fruit flavors). On the consumer side of beverages, the study found that 38% of consumers are more likely to buy a drink on the menu if they see it’s made of 100% juice, and 32% are more likely to buy a drink if they see the drink has all natural ingredients. Consumers also think it’s important to order water while eating out, 35% believe they should add more bottled water to their diet while 31% believe they should add more tap water to their diet.