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Improve your customer service right away

Over at the Customers Think blog, they address how you can start improving your customer service right away in a inexpensive, and relatively fast, manner. Recognize your employees for their great customer service you observe. When you see them do something outstanding, reward them for it. Positive feedback is a great way to encourage your employees, and as a result have happier customers. For more tips on improving your customer service right now, read the post here.

Recession can improve customer centricity

Graham Hill recently wrote a post at Customer Think about how, even though the current rough times, companies can focus on and build customer centricity. Should companies are following his five ideals to build customer centricity, they should have a customer base to carry them through the recession. Are you?

1. Having a deep understanding of customer needs (based on customer jobs and outcomes)
2. Mass customisation of products, services & experiences
3. Dynamically reconfigurable delivery system
4. Lean business support systems
5. Customer value management across the customer portfolio

Cultivate your current customers

Robert G. Howard at CustomersThink recently wrote an article on cultivating your current customers. Often times, they’re lost in the focus to attract new customers. If a company focuses on them, then the revenues generated from the existing customer can lead to a higher lifetime value at your company.

He related several ways you can do this for your customers:

  1. Relate: Relate with your customers through regular and meaningful contact, observations, and ongoing interactions.
  2. Retain: Retain your customers by creating barriers to switching to a competitor and create an atmosphere of exclusivity.
  3. Expand: Expand your relationship with your customers by offering complimentary products and services on an ongoing basis.
  4. Innovate: Keep your customers excited and engaged by surprising them with new product innovations or special bundles that are tailored just for them.
  5. Analyze: Analyze your customer behaviors and cultivation activities to predict and anticipate future wants and needs.

Taking care of your customers

A great article at the Customers Think blog, they discuss how one company is not increasing their fees for their customers. They realize that everyone is currently going under an economic burden. Currently, everyone is cash strapped, and they realize that hiking prices now could increase revenue now, but there is no incentive for customers to stick around in the future.

Do you see it this way?