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The Evolution of Self-Service at Continental Airlines: Customer, UNinterrupted Spotlight

Jared Miller, Managing
Director, Self-Service & Emerging Technology

Join us for the presentation “Enhancing the Customer Experience through Seamless Self-Service Interactions: Evolution of Self-Service at Continental Airlines” with Jared Miller, Continental Airlines’ Managing Director, Self-Service & Emerging Technology on Monday, October 25th at 1:4opm. This presentation is part of Customer, UNinterrputed where you will learn to develop a consistent strategy for delivery seamless service interactions across multiple channels, with a focus on self-service, online experience, and technology.

Customer, UNinterrupted

October 25, 2010
Walt Disney World Dolphin
Orlando, FL

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About the presentation:
Having provided self-service options to customer for 15 years, Continental Airlines and its customers have embraced self-service technologies and processes. This session will give an overview of the evolution of self-service at Continental Airlines with specific emphasis on the multi-channel approach adopted in the past few years. In particular, the session will explore the many ways in which the various channels work together to provide a seamless experience to the customer while recognizing the unique strengths of each channel.

Official Call for Presenters Now Open: CUSTOMER WORLD 2010

the co-location of 3 unique customer-centric events:
8th Annual NACCM Customer’s 1st Conference
2nd Annual Customer UNinterrupted Conference
14th Annual Linkage Strategies Conference

From: Kelly Potanka, Conference Director, IIR
Re: CUSTOMER WORLD Call for Presenters
Event Date: October 25-27, 2010
Location: Orlando, FL

We are looking for both customer-centric case studies, as well as interactive/experiential activities. Creativity in format involving audience participation/inspiration will receive preferred attention. Please send all submissions to Kelly Potanka (kpotanka@iirusa.com).

About the Events:
CUSTOMER WORLD is where the VOICE OF YOUR INDUSTRY comes together to champion and celebrate CUSTOMERS 1st. Never before has there been such a comprehensive offering of customer-centric events focused on your customer service/experience, measurement/metrics and self-service/technology needs.

NACCM consistently helps customer service executives reignite the passionate leader within to confidently lead their teams and customers. Balancing actionable, practical content with unique and memorable experiences- Customers 1st delivers the motivation you need to keep the customer at the center of every business decision. We are currently seeking cross-industry corporate practitioners to share unique strategies and best practices for creating WOW experiences by driving customer-centric initiatives at their organization.

Customer service is an investment, not an expense. Understanding how the customer wants to be approached and through which contact channel can redefine your next-generation of profitable customer connections. Customer, UNinterrupted is designed for customer operations career professionals to develop and execute a strategy for delivering a consistent, seamless service experience across multiple channels. We are currently seeking expert case studies that focus on Self-Service Technologies and Call Center Excellence.

In times like these, waste is not an option. Ensure every dollar spent on your customers delivers optimal profitability. Linkage Strategies is the only conference that measures the impact of your customer strategy investments on the business’ bottom line. If you have a case study on how to take the crucial step forward and show attendees how to manage, measure, link and act on customer data, submit your proposal now.

If you are a corporate practitioner ONLY, we invite you to submit a speaking proposal directly to Kelly Potanka on or before Friday, April 16, 2010 to kpotanka@iirusa.com. Please note: Abstracts are reviewed and selected on a rolling basis, so please submit early. ONLY corporate practitioner submissions will be reviewed. If you are a consultant/vendor/solution provider, please see below. For consideration, please include:
‘ Proposed speaker name(s), job title(s), and company name(s)
‘ Contact information including address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail
‘ Talk title
‘ Summary of the presentation (3-5 sentences)
‘ What the audience will gain from your presentation (please list 3-5 key ‘take-aways’)

Added Bonus: Each speaker receives free admission to the conference (a $2000+ value) including admission to all conference sessions, workshops, networking breaks, lunches, exhibit halls, etc.

Special Notice to Vendors, Consultants and Solution Providers:
Whether you are looking to build awareness, generate new business or strengthen existing relationships- a presence at Customer World can help you achieve your goals. A limited number of sessions are reserved on the program for this group to participate and sponsors are given priority. If you are interested in sponsorship or exhibit opportunities, please contact Jon Saxe, Business Development Manager at jsaxe@iirusa.com or 646-895-7467.

Thank you for your interest in CUSTOMER WORLD. We look forward to receiving your proposal!

Impressions from Customer UNinterrupted

Here are what some of the speakers of this year’s Customer UNinterrupted Event have been saying about this customer-inspiring event. By the way if you’re planning on attending the conference mention XM2199BLOG for a 20% discount of the standard rate.

“Customer UNinterrupted is a cost effective way to get new ideas, access to other company’s best practices (and some of their research) as well as their results and proven business cases of what works for project implementation.”

- Lynn Holmgren, Vice President and General Manager, Customer Care, Whirlpool Corporation

“You’re fired! That’s what your customers are going to tell you if you ignore them in this economy. When the consumer dollar has to go further, the last thing consumers want to hear is ‘sorry we can’t help you with that’. Learning what others are doing right, and applying new ideas to improve your own business never ends for service professionals. Get busy sharing. Get busy learning. And get busy succeeding at Customer UNinterrupted!”

- Boyd Beasley, Senior Director, Customer Support, Electronic Arts

“With companies cutting costs it has an impact on the customer support and service you provide. How can you differentiate yourself in the market place unless you provide superior service? Join us at Customer UNinterrupted to learn how to improve Customer Service and Customer Treatment while controlling your costs.”

- Dave Spedden, Director, CRM Services & Technology, United Parcel Service

“Times are tough and now more than ever you need to attend this conference. There will be practical tips of how you can improve customer service and your bottom line. Look forward to seeing you there.”

- Tim Cook, Vice President of North American Operations, Hilton Reservations and Customer Care

“As economic factors weigh more heavily in consideration and managers are firmly scrutinizing budgets, engaging in customer centric discussions at a time customers are being more selective about where they spend their money is a clear choice. Customer experience and best practices in delivering service is time well spent that has an inherent ROI not just by driving satisfaction and loyalty, but by expanding potential on the efficiency front.”

- Percy Hoffman, Director, Call Center Operations, Cricket Communications

“Your customers are having conversations across the social web right now deciding if brand loyalty matters, if your company isn’t participating, you’re not growing.”

- Scott McIntyre, Director, Multi-Channel Development, Best Buy

“Unless you are USAA or Amazon, you still have a lot to learn. Why do some key names always appear on the top of independent evaluations of service experience? If you don’t know, as Zappos who is giving these big boys a run for their money. Why does EA have an award winning CS team? Because we beg, borrow and steal ideas from those that are doing it right – then we iterate, innovate and make them our own! We dare you to keep up!”

- Boyd Beasley, Senior Director, Customer Support, Electronic Arts

Improve your customer service right away

Over at the Customers Think blog, they address how you can start improving your customer service right away in a inexpensive, and relatively fast, manner. Recognize your employees for their great customer service you observe. When you see them do something outstanding, reward them for it. Positive feedback is a great way to encourage your employees, and as a result have happier customers. For more tips on improving your customer service right now, read the post here.