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Complimentary Webinar: Emotional Marketing- The New Rules of Engagement – June 30 at 2:00 – 3:00PM EST

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Words are the most powerful force on earth, as the greatest moments in history and advertising have been captured by words. Words can be electric if chosen correctly, so when you use them to advertise your products, services and brands make them come to life by igniting people’s hearts in order to light up their minds. Neurologists agree that what we hear is retained for 5 seconds and what we see is retained for 1 second.. why then do we continue to focus on visual stimulus when we should be engaging a greater part of your consumers brain? If you want to be unforgettable learn to engage all your consumers’ senses. Do your customers wait on the sidelines for the next promotion or is their loyalty dictated by how you make them feel?

Marketers today face unprecedented challenges with respect to gaining the consumer’s attention due to the emergence and convergence of technology. Consumers today are constantly bombarded with messages from companies trying to gain share of their hearts through effective advertising. One of the biggest questions that our presenter Inez Blackburn has is why marketers insist on answering questions in their ads that none of their customers are asking. Consumers today are struggling with the current economy and as a result are constantly looking for escape. Too often marketing messages are focused on a product feature or attribute with little relevance to the consumer.

There is a sea of change brewing in the advertising industry triggered by an explosion in digital media. These changes have resulted in tremendous upheavals in traditional advertising and marketing.

Does your message or advertisements speak to their mind or heart? Will you win by logic or emotion?

‘A man convinced against his will is unconvinced still,’ Pastor Phil Johnson

What you will learn:
-Learn to leverage new consumer insights to create promotions beyond price

-Learn the 5 critical success factors for effective marketing in a sea of choice

-Gain a greater share of heart with emotional marketing designed to engage the senses

-Understand new consumer models and buying behavior and the impact of somatic markers

-Sustainability and Social responsibility is only he beginning , survival will depend on your ability to remain relevant for a greater share of heart

-We understand why consumers buy now we need to understand why consumers lie ‘ learn what really drives consumer decision making

About the Presenter:
Inez Blackburn
President of Market Techniques & Innovations, Inc.

Inez Blackburn is a globally recognized speaker, industry leader, innovator, and pioneer in launching global brands with over 25 years experience. She has worked with many Fortune 500 companies and led numerous executives through her Positioned for Profit Seminars and Marketing to the Max Workshops. She has been on the Dean’s list for excellence in teaching for 10 years and is a featured trainer at numerous executive events. Inez is President of Market Techniques & Innovations, Inc. and an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto, Wright State University, and S.P. Jain University in Singapore and Dubai, as well as a featured instructor at Pennsylvania State University.

She has worked extensively with major corporations and has played a pivotal role in implementing customer-centric strategic plans, marketing best practices, and balanced performance metrics. She also teaches companies how to leverage the power of collaboration for a sustainable competitive advantage.

NACCM 2009 LIVE: Designing and Developing Performance-Support Learning Programs

Understanding the difference between training and learning is absolutely critical to developing Performance-Support Learning Programs, according to Kathleen Peterson, Chief Vision Officer, Powerhouse Consulting. Kathleen opened her session with a funny song about the solution to all call center woes is to add ‘more staffing on the line.’ Of course, more staffing is not the answer. More educated staff is likely a better solution. But be careful not to educate your people the wrong way. If you ‘train’ them, you’re focusing on instruction that is basically trainer focused. A better way is to focus on ‘learning.’ Training is education and instruction. Learning is the act of acquiring knowledge, and it’s focused on the learner. Another way to put it: Training is an event’learning lasts forever. Kathleen encourages us to adopt an ‘ask and tell’ training philosophy. The trainer should always be the person asking the questions of the learner. It forces the learner into a situation where they recognize what the learning is doing for them’and how it will apply to their interactions with their customers. In a performance-support model:

  • Training represents knowledge, skills, and feelings needed to perform critical and complex tasks.
  • Training is part of a much bigger picture.
  • Training does not teach everything ‘ it helps learners become independent, efficient workers.
  • Transactions are taught around real-life job situations.
  • The training teaches the tools that support learners on the job.

When people dread training, it’s usually partly because it’s not performance-based. Nobody likes to be told what to do. They’d much rather be taught how to do their job well. Performance-support training all boils down to three simple questions 1. What do they need to know?

  • Products
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Exceptions
  • Where to look for needed information

2. What do they need to do?

  • What actions do they need to take to do their job?

3. What do they need to feel? And make other people feel?

  • Empathy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Positivity
  • Empowerment
  • Appreciated
  • Connected

An effective training program should always be guided by several elements:

  • Customer experience
  • Company mission
  • Business Goals
  • Brand Elements
  • Values Proposition

Kathleen was passionate about following the proper methodology when designing a training program. The great thing about following proper methodology is that it can fit any program, course, or module and ensure the right kind of training every time. But the most important steps in the process are to always make sure you properly analyze needs and spend time designing training. If you don’t do these first two steps, the best delivery in the world won’t save your training program. Want to make sure your training is fully supported and absolutely effective? Kathleen suggests creating a multi-disciplinary design team with representatives from any area of your business that might be affected by the training or have important insight into what the program should look like.

Customer service classes now in session

KTUU of Anchorage, Alaska recently ran a report on a customer service course being offered by the Cook Inlet Tribal School. This two week course teaches students how to learn how to effectively deal with customers and manage their employees properly. As noted in the video below, there is a lack of workforce in Anchorage, so it shows when employers put their employees directly to work with out first training them on the basics of customer service. Watch the news report here.