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Customers will pay extra for outstanding customer service

Customers are willing to pay extra for outstanding customer service. That’s what a recent survey by fifth annual Customer Experience Report reported this week. BusinessNewsDaily reports, that the survey revealed three main reasons consumers stop doing business with companies were rude staff, issues weren’t resolved quickly, and unknowledgeable staff.

More than four-fifths of consumers have quit doing business with a company as a result of a negative experience, and three-quarters of them never return, according to the report.

Check out the original article here: Top 3 Ways to Annoy Your Customers

What industries do you think think customers see the most benefit of paying extra for outstanding service?

Angry customers can add value to your business

As we work to provide customers with the best possible experience with our product or store, it can be frustrating when a customer approaches us angrily with a complaint. The customer is frustrated, too and it’s partly as a result for their interaction with your good or service. But angry customers can be a welcome change as they may bring up issues that you thought were fine. TheSocialCustomer.com has a great article today on this subject and we encourage you to check it out. Chuck Dennis writes, “you should want to be hassled by your dissatisfied customers! You need to know what irked them, so you can resolve it and not do it again. You need to know how upset they are, so you can make it up to them in a way that will help rebuild their trust. You think I am being dramatic here? I am not. Every customer is precious. Stay in front of them!”

How have customer complaint helped you improve your product or service?

Three ways to build customer loyalty and your reputation

Sue Painter of EZineMark.com writes that it is as easy as 1-2-3 to deliver great customer service that is guaranteed to increase customer loyalty and your business reputation. Painter offers an example of a shopper who is looking for batteries. After approaching the battery display, she doesn’t find what she needs and then leaves the store. The potential customer spoke to no one and was not spoken to during her trip to the store. The store lost a customer and they lost the opportunity to build their reputation with her; and if the customer shares her experience, the store has lost many potential customers and sales. So what can a business do to ensure that she finds what she needs?

Painter shares three tips that drive money your way and build customer loyalty that is fierce and unwavering:

1. Carrying inventory in stock. If you are going to sell batteries, sell them fully.
2. Shorten the time it takes to make a purchase.
3. Make your item extremely easy to find.

Check out the original article for Painter’s explanation of her tips.

Customer Service – 3 Ways To Win Loyalty and Build A Reputation for Customer Service

Excellent customer service is marketing

Great article today from MediaPost’s Engage: GenY blogger, Morgan Stewart. Stewart discusses a recent issue with a large cable company resulting in Stewart’s decision to stop service through the company. Instead of providing excellent customer service at the beginning, the cable company only provided customer service when Stewart was ready to stop the service contract. Too little, too late. This company didn’t follow the old adage that it’s much better to keep a customer than to acquire a new one; the company assumed that another customer would soon follow Stewart. So what gives? Stewart writes, “On one hand, marketers’ focus on acquisition makes perfect sense. Growth is the primary goal of any company — and new customers are required in order to grow. However, there is a point of diminishing returns where acquisition efforts are simply replacing customers that have already left — the classic leaking bucket.”

Stewart goes on to discuss the larger companies with excellent customer service and by being excellent they let their loyal (and very happy) customers spread their love for the company to their friends and family. This customer service prowess leads to awesome viral marketing.

Does your company think this way? How are you using excellent customer service to market your company?

Learn more: Customer Service IS Marketing

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Apple speeds customer service with Express Lane

Express lanes are no longer for those with less than 12 items in their shopping basket. Apple device users can now access the company’s new Express Lane service if and when they have difficulties with an Apple product. The streamlined interface allows users to see their registered devices alongside any customer service complaints. Customers can stay on top of their requests and track requests that they’ve previously sent in to Apple.

What do you think of the new service offered by Apple? How can other companies use this functionality to streamline their customer support?

Learn more: Apple speeds up its device support site with Express Lane

When should extra charges be discussed with the customer?

When dealing with extra charges that may be unexpected to the customer or client, when is the best time to disclose them? Who’s Your Gladys invited Rebecca Morgan to tell their readers and we’d like to share it with our Customer 1st readers as well. Morgan shares a personal story of being charged extra when she visited her doctor’s office. After being miffed at the extra charges, Morgan decided to find out how customer service professionals can avoid angering their customers while still making extra charges. She writes, that common sense says that any unexpected charges should be discussed before the service is provided or the product delivered. Morgan’s bottom line? If the customer is upset by the increased bill, they will be unhappy, not only with the rep but with your organization for not making sure that discussing increased charges is a standard before the service or product is provided.

We encourage you to read the post, Guest Blogger Rebecca Morgan Asks, ‘When Should Extra Charges Be Disclosed’? in it’s entirety and share with your team.

Let us know – have you dealt with this issue in your work?

U.S. companies Social Media spending tied to customer loyalty

Internetretailer.com reports that a new study finds U.S. companies that use social media to deepen customer loyalty spend nearly twice as much on the marketing tactic as those that use it for other reasons. Further, marketing budgets related to social media are growing, with loyalty initiatives growing the fastest in terms of dollars spent. The amount of marketers’ social media budget allocated to loyalty increased by 293% from 2009 to 2010, while brand awareness and customer acquisition budgets increased by 189% and 214%, respectively. Social media budgets for driving loyalty have experienced the most growth for the past three years, the report says.

As customer loyalty continues to be the major push within social media use; how can customer loyalty professionals leverage this toward actionable results?

Learn more: U.S. companies spend for social media tied to customer loyalty

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Has customer service become collective suffering?

The New Yorker’s James Surowiecki writes about the mounting frustration of American consumers, who are ‘fed up with inept service, indifferent employees, and customer-service departments that are harder to negotiate than Kafka’s Castle.’ He writes that tensions are mounting thanks to the American demand for cheap goods with luxury service and a lack of focus among executives on how to use their customer service department correctly. Together, both parties on the customer service line suffer causing discontent on the phone, corner office, tarmac, and on the web.

Surowiecki writes, “For a start, most companies have a split personality when it comes to customers. On the one hand, C.E.O.s routinely describe service as essential to success, and they are well aware that, thanks to the Internet, bad service can now inflict far more damage than before; the old maxim was that someone who had a bad experience in your store would tell ten people, but these days it’s more like thousands… On the other hand, customer service is a classic example of what businessmen call a ‘cost center”a division that piles up expenses without bringing in revenue’and most companies see it as tangential to their core business, something they have to do rather than something they want to do.”

Is your customer service something that you truly want to do or do you feel pressured into it to keep customers?
What is the solution for customers and for customer service departments? We’d like to hear your thoughts, DM us on Twitter @customerworld


Study: Americans want Federal customer service to be a priority

Businesswire.com reports that the results of the ‘Uncle Sam at Your Service: 2010 Federal Customer Experience Study,’ which examined American citizens’ expectations and perceptions of U.S. Federal agencies’ customer service. Whether through Federal student aid, tax processing, disaster relief, or even airport security ‘ U.S. Federal agencies offer services to 307 million Americans every day.

Here are a few highlights from the report:

According to the study, Americans currently grade private sector customer service experiences higher than service received from Federal agencies. The study reveals that Americans want the Federal government to improve customer service, and many are willing to pay for the upgrade:

* 83% of Americans say that customer service is something that Federal agencies can improve
* 42% of Americans say they would pay an additional $10 in taxes each year for better government service ‘ $552.3 million more in taxes annually


Americans want problems solved quickly, clearly, and with courtesy. Currently, private companies outrank Federal agencies in these categories; however, some agencies are taking great strides to improve service. Despite some improvements, agencies must focus on expanding Web presence and moving more services online:

* 85% of Americans want Federal agencies to provide more information and make more services available online
* 63% of Americans who interact with agencies over the Web are satisfied with their experiences

For more information, visit the original article here.