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Video advertising in-stores

In the most recent edition of CPG Matters, they look at the research efforts Coca Cola performed to figure out how customers would react to in-store advertising via video screens. They placed these videos in the Pharmacy aisle, at check out stands, and the grocery and pet care aisles.

Sales results were what Fleener called ‘dramatic’: percentage increases in the high single digits, he said, directly tied to when and where the in-store media network played the spots. ‘Not only did it drive specific Coke sales, but also the whole soft-drink category, although Coke benefited most,’ he said.

Read the full report here.

New research into loyalty marketing

At this month’s CPGmatters, they look at the new trends in loyalty marketing. Top Shopper Dialog (TSD) found a new approach to tell the “why” in consumer shopping. Consumers volunteer to participate in phone interviews as well as have a loyalty card for tracking their purchases. Read the full story here.

Measuring coupon usage

In the December edition of CPG Matters, they address the issue of companies investing in coupons, and then being unable to fully understand and analyze what motivates customers to use them.

Bill Bittner, president of BWH Consulting of Mahwah, New Jersey, states “Measuring coupon effect is not done in a vacuum. It’s difficult to sort out the single effect of a coupon. There are so many factors that affect performance, the general economy being the big one today, I don’t know how you isolate.”

To conduct this specific research, APT advocates that tests and controls be set up for retailer-CPG colalboration, by dividing a chain’s loyalty cardholders into many test groups to receive different offers, based on thier prior spending patterns. The controls are samples held out from each of these group to not receive a particular offer.

Then, the researchers must look at both the tests groups and the controls. Find out more about these tests here.