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Using Google Insights For Niche/Market Research?

Are you using Google Insights for Market Research? Blogger Ben Johnson has a great post on how exactly Google Insights may be used for Market Research. Johnson writes, “So what is Google Insights? Basically it’s a tool which allows you to compare and analyse search volume and patterns for your specified search terms over a given period of time, area of the world or a specific category.”

Not only does Google Insights allow real-time data, but the clear charts really make it worthwhile for market researchers.

What other free software is available for market researchers? What tips can you share for analyzing the market for a particular product or service?

Is your company continuing to do market research?

In a recent article at The Punch, they encourage companies to continue to do market research. Even though we’re in one of the worst economic droughts in the past 20 years, market research should continue to be done. They believe some companies are cutting out their market research. If your company continues, you’re going to benefit. Not only are you finding out what your customer wants, you’re finding out what your competitors customers want. You can also benefit by finding benchmarks for the goals you’ve set or by realizing that you need to adjust your market strategy.

Have you seen some of the companies around you cut in market research? What have been the benefits for your company as you’ve continued to do market research?