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Considerations for Google and Microsoft

Andrew Keen of Telegraph.co.uk writes today that if giants Google and Microsoft want to succeed in social media, they must take a few things into consideration. For instance, Keen would like the giants to read Trust Agents. “The companies that will win in the social media economy are those who figure out how to both create and profit from trust,” Keen says. Also, its important to remember that we are still in the “early stages” for social media; however, Keen contends that “we have yet to see the great social media company that will radically transform the world. And I suspect that this company’s secret-sauce will be based upon the agency of trust.”

So what do you think? What can Google and Microsoft learn from Facebook and Twitter as they attempt to enter the social media sphere?

Social media’s success formula

Columbus synagogue serves the world

On the verge of the high Jewish holidays, The Columbus Dispatch looks at how one synagogue began to build and online Jewish community to serve the younger generation of online Jews, but soon found that they were serving many new commmunities they hadn’t intended on: those who never felt comfortable in a synagogue, the elderly, shut-ins and those who grew up with synagogue. The rabbis also communicate with these online community members through Facebook and Twitter.

When you begin your online community, you typically have a target and focus of customers you’d like to find. As with this synagogue, they found that they could serve more than they’d originally planned. Have you found a new target you hadn’t originally planned on by starting your online community? Have you found an effective way to communicate with this audience, whether it’s through Twitter or another medium?

Moms Using Social Media Grows

According to Mike Shields of Progressive Grocer, moms–especially new moms–are flocking to social networking sites. In a report by BabyCenter, moms of young children have reduced their time with magazines and newspapers and converted to the online networking sphere. Shields reports that many times moms have two sets of friends, the online group of peers and their friends and family. “Because these women are so social, and so information hungry, they often meet other mothers in similar child-rearing stages on sites like BabyCenter and all sorts of mommy blogs.”

How can social networking sites cater to new moms?

Mining Twitter

Today at the New York Times, they’ve asked their readers whether it is ok for companies to mine posts of consumers for their opinions.

A few of the opinions:

Consumer privacy is extremely important. Twitter, recognizing this, gives individuals the ability to protect their messages, so they are only available to people they specify.

Consumers have fine-grained control to opt-in and opt-out of receiving messages from anyone else. The uses of information on the so-called public timeline are growing every day, so consumers should exercise the same due care with Twitter as they do with their work email.

That being said, companies should take time to consider how the use of Twitter is being used by consumers as a public replacement for the suggestion box. That should be their first priority when it comes to managing data on consumer attitudes. ‘ Brian, Denver, COAt first it seemed that twitter was a cheap imitation of Facebook, but it really is more complex than that. Journalists can utilize this tool to keep people informed at all times of the day. And if mashines can start auto sending “tweets” it could made getting information across even easier. I’m excited to see how far this can actually go. ‘ laura, Madison, WIThough twitter only represents a niche audience, it does provide a real-time example of what consumers are thinking. Specifically, it can help detect when a problem needs to be confronted ASAP.’ ALH, Chicago, ILWhat do you think? Head over to the New York Times to give them your opinion.