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Live from #Insightech15: why surveys are necessary but not sufficient

Stacey Symonds of Orbitz presented a future looking case for surveys not being the end all of research. An interesting insight showcased different types of research and how they matched objectives, bringing to light the need to fulfill business problems, not plug methodologies.

Several examples came up for the types of Orbitz products and how they emerged from research, from digital to rewards to travel journey to email research.

Orbitz also unveiled 5 insights from this type of research, relevant to the travel industry as well as progressive research too:
1. Consumers want to and are able to reduce the gap between thinking and doing
2. Queues help consumers manage tasks, content, buying and time.
2. Consumers are seeking to maximize their attention
4. The journey is now a constant state of moving through modes
5. Consumer behavior demands more than omnichannel offers. Thinking on channels must evovle.

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Can a store’s external appearance affect customers?

In a recent research report from Retail Customer Experience, they discovered that while service and cost are two of the biggest factors that contribute a consumer’s entrance into a store, the external appearance can be just as important to a consumer.  In fact, of all the consumers surveyed, 96% believe that the appearance of the store is important or extremely important.  Over half the consumers surveyed stated that they have avoided entering a store due to the fact that the appearance from the outside lacked cleanliness and organization.

Have you considered the outside appearance of your store to consumers?  What other factors do believe contribute to consumers deciding to enter your store?