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Two Auburn students harness the power of social media

This past week, Taylor Swift made a visit to the Auburn campus. She was stopping by to give Ryan Leander and Matthew Mahaffey a hug. In January, they set out with a goal to get a hug from Taylor Swift. By harnessing the power of Facebook, Twitter, a webpage, YouTube and a little bit of word of mouth marketing, they won fans over, and reached Taylor herself. She then issued them three challenges through YouTube. Each challenge was accepted and Leander and Mahaffey created a video with their responses integrated with their fans videos.

Through these videos, they engaged their audience, inspired collaboration and built buzz to achieve their goal. What can you take from their social media marketing campaign and use it to engage your audience? Visit their webpage for the full story.

Here is the video inspired from their second challenge:

Source: Washington Post

New Tool for File Sharing For the Online Community

Drop.io is a new tool that allows for private file sharing. The unique selling proposition is that it ‘allows consumer to create their own private online spaces where they can easily and privately share photos, videos, documents, and other types of media’ as reported here. Other benefits of Drop.io include:
drops are “private” – consumers control how and with whom drops are sharedDrop.io never requires any type of account registration, and all drops can be password-protected and set to expire after a period of timeDrop.io provides multiple methods of sharing content
Click here to link to a podcast where Chad Stoller from Drop.io explains the usefulness this new addition to Community 2.0 has for marketers. What are your thoughts on this new tool?