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Supply chain management gets new social network

Inovis Social Network is a new online community specifically for those in supply chain management. This new software is a way for those in the supply chain to have direct access to those individuals involved in the supply chain, which could prevent delays. Big Lots is one of the first major corporations to use this secure social network.

Katy Keane, the vice president of transportation services, had this to say about the network:
“The Inovis Social Network proved valuable in the development and monitoring of our vendor compliance initiatives. As a retailer with over 1,300 stores, accurate and timely inventory flow is critical to our business and our vendor compliance program is one of the key tools we use to help us achieve our goals. We’ve benefited from the speed and visibility the online community provides, and it has helped us improve how we collaborate with partners and quickly resolve issues.”

Source: MarketWatch

Pick and Choose Tweets That Appear on your Blog

I came across this post on Mashable today which reveals a new way to give bloggers more control over which tweets get published on their blogs. Tweet Remote recognizes hashtags like #text, #link, and #image, puts them in a separate RSS-style feed, and then formats them accordingly. The end result is a more aesthetically pleasing blog.

The only downside is the ‘tweet stream pollution’ you might experience by sending nicely formatted hyperlinks to you blog via twitter. Many users on twitter do not like hashtags, and so you can potentially lose some followers.
Tweet Remote seems like a great application to clean up a lot of clutter in blogs but the question you might find yourself asking is what’s more important to you, your blog or who’s following you on twitter?