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Estee Lauder Offers Social Media Make-Overs

Cosmetics giant, Estee Launder is now offering free social media “make-overs” for individuals to use as their social networking profile photos. Brand Republic reports that the cosmetics brand will produce shots women can use for their online profiles on sites such Facebook and LinkedIn at department-store cosmetics counters in the US. The photos include the Estee Lauder logo in the background.

The promotion, which also includes a 10-day supply of foundation, kicks off on October 16 at Bloomingdale’s in New York. It will extend initially to Macy’s, Saks and other Bloomingdale’s stores in Southern California, Miami and Chicago.

What do you think about this move by Estee Lauder? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

Estee Lauder offers free social media makeovers

Facebook’s “25 Random Things” Phenomenon

By now you may be among the hundreds of thousands who have shared “25 Random Things” about yourself to your Facebook community. The “25″ phenomenon has spread so quickly that now its being picked up by major news organizations. The Washington Post’s online webmag, Slate carried an interesting take on the 25 fad in their piece, “Charles Darwin Tagged You in a Note on Facebook, The evolutionary roots of Facebook’s “25 Things” craze.” Writer Chris Wilson suggests, that the “25 Things” was an evolutionary exercise from the original “16 Things.” States Wilson, “Late last fall, a chain letter titled “16 Random Things About Me” began to chew its way through Facebook. The author of one of these notes would itemize her personality into “16 random things, facts, habits, or goals,” then tag 16 friends who would be prompted to write their own lists. And so on and so on.” Read the rest of his article here. We’d like to hear your thoughts–if not, 25 at a time.