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Apple to introduce guidelines for the apps

After two years of little guidance, Apple has announced that it will introduce guidelines for Applications in its App store, as reported by the Associated Press. There are are currently over 250,000 apps available. For the past two years, the developers of these programs would submit their applications with no structure during development, leaving some with Apps that were not approved. Also, they’ve lifted the ban on using third-party development tools that ”translate” code written for another platform.

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Win with social media by thinking small

Although its tempting to cast the widest net with social media, that may not always be the best practice for businesses looking to connect with their target audience. Gail Z. Martin of B2CMarketinginsider.com posts a few examples of “high-value” audiences that will help you in the right direction for your social media efforts.

  • Present and past (inactive) clients plus screened high-potential prospects
  • Your vendors and suppliers
  • A small, highly-segmented niche audience
  • Members of your industry/profession’especially if this is not a large group
  • And extremely local or regional focus

But why focus on a smaller group when you have the opportunity to broadcast your business to the world using a plethora of social media outlets? Martin says that there are several reasons:

  • You need to get frequent feedback and input
  • No one else is providing content that meets a unique need within the group
  • You want to create ongoing dialogue and education to help clients use a product better, get more out of their investment, extend the life of the product they purchased, or address bugs, little-known features or off-the-spec-sheet applications
  • You want to add value post-purchase through education, discussion and the creation of a community
  • You want to capitalize on the local/regional appeal of your product by emphasizing hometown news, personalities, events and special offers that are only of value to people within a very small geographic area

If you have utilized a smaller social media campaign, how effective has it been for you? Have you seen a difference in ROI between a larger and smaller campaign? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

Farmers Become “Agvocates” with AgChat Foundation

Almost one year ago, AgChat was formed on Twitter to serve farmers interested in connecting and sharing their world with one another. The chat takes place every Tuesday night from 8-10EST. Because of AgChat’s success, a whole crop (excuse the pun) of farmers have created their own social network, AgChat Foundation. The space provides farmers with a medium to advocate for their profession and for other farmers in the United States.

This farmer led group ‘is designed to empower more farmers to leverage social media as a tool to tell agriculture’s story. The Foundation will educate and equip farmers and ranchers with the skill set needed to effectively engage on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, Linkedin and other social media services. It will give them knowledge to unlock new tools to effectively tell their story. Research shows that social media is a growing opportunity for farmers to have a stronger voice in educating people about the business of growing food, fuel, feed and fiber.’

For more information on AgChat Foundation, please visit their website.

Social networking and business objectives

Dion Hinchcliffe recently looked at the how online communities are revolutionizing many businesses. Millions of individuals have joined online communities with in the past few years. Hinchcliffe looks at the difference between the growing contrast between business communities and consumer communities. While many business communities have not faired as well as consumer communities, some businesses have found the perfect way to strike the balance.

He recognizes a running theme in all of the communities that work:
[Successful communities are] Attracting like-minded people highly interested and engaged in what they do.

Read the full article here.

Sara Lee Launches Social Media Campaign for Moms

In a press release, Sara Lee Deli today launched its “Saga Solver” social media campaign designed to help moms simplify their lives.

The Saga Solver program will provide moms the chance to interact with three nationally-recognized “Saga Solvers” who will offer tips and advice on three distinct areas of focus: food preparation, helping mom get her kitchen and family schedules organized and family advice, all housed on Sara Lee Deli’s Facebook page (facebook.com/saraleedeli). The program will also provide an update on the lives of the three Sara Lee Deli “Mama Saga” mamas, who originally appeared in satirical web-cam videos on Metacafe, Facebook and other video sharing sites. Since their launch in September, the videos have recorded 2.5 million online views.

As CPGs look to connect further with parents, are they correct in their focus to Moms? What about Dads, caregivers, etc? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

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Social Media Plans a Must for Businesses in ’10

Vanessa DiMauro has a fascinating look at social media policies in her recent post on CustomerThink.com. DiMauro warns that a social media policy should be implemented across an organization as soon as possible. This will arm the organization with a set of procedures and policies that can keep everyone on the same page with regard to corporate communication. DiMauro offers a few tips on what to consider when formulating at social media plan.

Some questions to consider when formulating a plan:
What is your company culture like? Make sure that the social media policy reinforces company culture – an informal organization will have a different policy than, say, a government agency.

How do you want the employees to engage with clients and prospects? Take into account the in-person sales and marketing channel strategy and align the social media policy to those best practices.
What is considered confidential to your organization? Spell out what hind of information can and can’t be shared publicly.
How should staff represent them selves to others? Standardize or provide guidelines so that there is an evenness to your online footprint. Should all sales staff, for example, use a similar moniker in their twitter name or is it up to the person to decide?
What does transparency mean to your company? Too often people confuse personal opinion with company-representation. Can a staff of your organization share displeasure with the company’s product or services online without disclosing she work for your company?

For more information on creating a social media plan, we encourage you to check our DiMauro’s post in its entirety.

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Twitter’s Top Trending Topics of 2009

PCWorld.com just released their top trending topics of 2009. As we look through the list — any surprises? What other topics should have been included? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

There are plenty of lists on the PCWorld website, click here.

News Events

1. #iranelection
2. Swine Flu
3. Gaza
4. Iran
5. Tehran
6. #swineflu
7. AIG
8. #uksnow
9. Earth Hour
10. #inaug09

Technology became a disruptive force in Iran this summer when protests broke out over the results of that country’s presidential elections. Tech tools like twitter, cell phones, digital cameras, Flickr, YouTube and Facebook were all employed to get the word out and raise global awareness about the controversy. Since the protests, the actual impact of Twitter and other technologies on the protests have been called into question, but there’s no doubt Iran was a hot topic online this year.

Google Wave was the hottest technology topic on Twitter for 2009. Google’s collaborative work platform grabbed a large amount of interest when it was first announced, but since then enthusiasm for Wave has diminished. Apple and Microsoft got their fair share of tweets after launching the Snow Leopard and Windows 7 operating systems. And Palm’s Pre was the only smartphone to make any of Twitter’s top ten lists for 2009.

1. Google Wave
2. Snow Leopard
3. Tweetdeck
4. Windows 7
5. CES
6. Palm Pre
7. Google Latitude
8. #E3
9. #amazonfail
10. Macworld

Blogging Innovation: Five Steps to a Successful B2B Social Media Strategy

Matt Heinz of Blogging Innovation discusses today about how social media professionals can effectively manage B2B communication. Heinz offers five key ways to strategize your b2b efforts.

They are as follows:

1. Strategize
2. Publish
3. Follow
4. Engage
5. Convert & Measure

We encourage you to check out Heinz’s post for his run-down of each element. Any that you’d like to add?

Five Steps to a Successful B2B Social Media Strategy

Burberry Banks on Social Media Love for their Iconic Trench Coat

Reuters reports this morning that the luxury goods brand, Burberry is introducing its nearly 100 year old Trench coat to social media. The Web site, artofthetrench.com, will allow members connected via Facebook to submit images and stories about Burberry trench coats and share them with one other…The Web site, artofthetrench.com, will allow members connected via Facebook to submit images and stories about Burberry trench coats and share them with one other.

What do you think of stalwart retailers using the social space for their goods? Will they see a benefit?

Millennial Moms — The Most Connected and Tech-Toy Dependent Population

According to a free whitepaper by Mr. Youth, Millennial Moms, those born between 1977 and 1996, are quickly becoming the biggest users of the online space. The report documents this segment of the population’s ability to multi-task, utilize multiple devices and over share on popular social networks. Another interesting point is that this generation utilizes communities, or even creates communities when they are dealing with important life changes.

We can see this with the gads of “Mommy Bloggers,” who cover everything from child-rearing to household finance.
We encourage you to check out this whitepaper and to think about how you can connect and share with this population.