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Welcome to the 2009 Community 2.0

Welcome to 2009 Community 2.0. We’re excited as we get ready to kick off this year’s conference. There’s so much to participate in this year, networking opportunities and great presentations and speakers; so this year to help you stay informed of everything that is happening here at Community 2.0, we have several tools to help you, including live blog posts, twitter updates, photos on Flickr, daily emails, and discussions on the LinkedIn group that we will continue to post throughout the event.

The conversations on twitter have been especially active as many of our attendees have begun to arrive and participate in pre-conference workshops and symposiums. Here’s a look at some of the tweets you can follow along with now:

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We have so many great speakers at the conference this year that we will be blogging impressions of many of the presentations, as well as recording video interviews and presentation clips and uploading them each evening.

We have a very full day ahead of us, alot of great material we’ll be sharing with you all. To get you ready for what to expect, here’s a video interview with Conference Director, Kristin Paulick, as she shares with us some highlights to expect. Remember to subscribe to our blog feed to get each of our updates from the conference.

Facebook’s “25 Random Things” Phenomenon

By now you may be among the hundreds of thousands who have shared “25 Random Things” about yourself to your Facebook community. The “25″ phenomenon has spread so quickly that now its being picked up by major news organizations. The Washington Post’s online webmag, Slate carried an interesting take on the 25 fad in their piece, “Charles Darwin Tagged You in a Note on Facebook, The evolutionary roots of Facebook’s “25 Things” craze.” Writer Chris Wilson suggests, that the “25 Things” was an evolutionary exercise from the original “16 Things.” States Wilson, “Late last fall, a chain letter titled “16 Random Things About Me” began to chew its way through Facebook. The author of one of these notes would itemize her personality into “16 random things, facts, habits, or goals,” then tag 16 friends who would be prompted to write their own lists. And so on and so on.” Read the rest of his article here. We’d like to hear your thoughts–if not, 25 at a time.