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Georgia lawmakers embrace social networking media

According to ajc.com, Savannah Republican, Sen. Eric Johnson now has as Twitter to update the public on Georgian affairs of the state.
Johnson has sent Twitter texts almost daily from the legislative session. On March 12, he tweeted from the Senate floor that his proposal to name tax-dodging lawmakers had come up again, and passed. ‘It allows for quick communication with a target audience,’ Johnson said in a telephone interview to ajc.com.
What do you think of politicians using social media to connect with their audience? Did Obama pave the way for this sort of communication?

Community 2.0 has a New Customer this Year

Much has been said in the media lately, about the impact that online communities are having in every part of our lives. Of late special emphasis has been placed on the political aspect with candidates having blogs, YouTube videos, and using other web 2.0 tools. In a latest update from the NY Times, Katie Couric announced that during the national political conventions, after her primetime broadcast has concluded, she will move to web casts. Is there any aspect of today that has not seen the impact of online social media?