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How to Drive Traffic to your blog

Jacob Morgan at Social Media Today recently wrote a list of how he thinks people can best drive traffic to their blog. What do you think? Would you add anything else?
1. Comment on other posts related to your industry
2. Try to get syndicated
3. Put your URL in email signatures and profiles
4. Use Digg and StumbleUpon
5. Share your posts around the web, for example: Facebook and Twitter
6. Write guest posts
7. Write quality and engaging content
8. Network on and offline
9. Write often
10. Respond to comments
11 .Make RSS feeds easily accessible to your site

American Express adopts social media: OPEN Forum

In a recent blog post by Chris Brogan, he shares information on the American Express Open Forum. At the Open Forum, American Express aggregates blog feeds through Federated. The area is full of interesting content, and American Express gives readers a sponsored area to discuss and talk about the information posted on the website. In this sense, Brogan points out, American Express is spreading its brand over blog content, and spreading the awareness of their name.