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Building New Businesses with Data

Katja Suentzenich and Christian Heller

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina, former chief executive of HP.

During the Marketing Analytics & Data Science Conference, Katja Suentzenich, Senior Manager, CX & Connected Car, MHP Inc., and Christian Heller, Manager, CRM, Porsche Cars North America, discussed “How SAP’s Analytical Power is Building New Businesses.”

Katja and Christian explained how today’s customer wants a relationship with a brand, not a channel. Connectivity and big data are critical for automotive OEMs to support a unique customer experience, especially for millennials.

Big data is also key for innovation. Porsche uses SAP’s HANA for CRM on a global scale with a full integration of previously independent channels.

Here’s what Porsche learned en route to the “real-time enterprise” with connectivity and big data:
- Went from a “rear-view mirror” perspective to immediate, actionable insights.
- Big data readiness and experience varies largely depending on the industry.
- Need new types of employees: Big Data Business Analysts, Data Scientists and Model Builders.
- It’s all about the “right” big data sources and use cases. Mobile is dominating user experience.

Big data is also enabling Porsche to provide highly personalized customer life-cycle communication to support increased customer enthusiasm and loyalty. 

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