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Day Two: OmniShopper threads and nuggets…

- Aaron Keller and Kitty Hart, Capsule

Future Hunters warmed up the Tuesday (slightly hungover) crowd rather nicely. It isn’t an easy task to deliver on the role of opening act, entertainer and experts in trend. The team of Erica and Jared did it again and certainly with a more cantankerous crowd than Monday as many cocktails were likely consumed just six hours earlier. Thank you for the caffeine for our brains to get us going.
The man, the Nobel prize winning author and the icon in behavioral economics was on the stage next. Daniel Kahneman, the author of Thinking, Fast and Slow sat for a discussion with Anthony Gell, author of The Book of Leadership. To start, let’s all acknowledge Mr. Gell’s exceptional job of interviewing such a brilliant mind without being tongue-tied. Now, to a hero of ours, Daniel gave us pages from his book but in his voice and while he didn’t translate for shopper marketing it was worth every word. Just listening to how Daniel’s mind works was insightful. If you need more on his models, the book is your best resource. It should be a required read for any research, finance or marketing department in any corporation. 
The next group on the stage was a panel of Sumaiya Balbale from Jet.com, John R. Whitaker from Lowe’s and Emily Shannon from Mall of America. Emily was a returning face to the big stage and she continued to deliver unique nuggets beyond her content from yesterday (also not easy). Sumaiya gave us a quantity of nuggets from the frugal next generation of shoppers who default to digital. John Whitaker balanced physical and digital with how relevant Lowe’s is within Pinterest while still being a retailer with designed moments in a physical space. 
The subject was the future of retail, which is facing some tremendous challenges with Alibaba, Amazon and others moving so much of buying online. And, with some countries in the world going from open markets to digital markets and skipping “the mall” economic phase entirely. Based on what we heard, retail has a vibrant future when it is properly blended between physical and digital. For some of you this is confirming, but for others it may be helpful to know retail has been around, will be around and the ability to understand what happens in the moment when people and brands intersect will always be important. 
Our sleepy session, Kirk Olson from Horizon Media surprised the crowd with so many morsels of intriguing content it formed a moment of people asking for his presentation. While it didn’t look interesting on face (printed) value, Kirk delivered a full meal deal (sorry, McDonalds) for this audience of curious minds. While we gathered some of the items in a Twitter feed under #OmniShopperEvent your best bet is downloading the pages of his presentation and carving it up yourself. It is well worth the space on your hard drive. 
Now, a bit on the conversations in-between. With some breaks, a lunch and other hallway conversations we discovered some of the larger threads of yarn from the morning. Here they are: 1. Cognitive Biases and how do we see beyond these to understand true human behavior; 2. The future of retail is bright and the design of moments is a big part of it; 3. The trends coming from wearables, getting back to authentic stories and vintage high-touch experiences. The morning had plenty of fuel for some empty brain tanks.
The afternoon slid a bit as the crowd may not have been into the conversations or perhaps we heard the term millennials just a few too many times. Whatever the case, the afternoon speakers had a larger uphill climb to get us back. Celeste Ireland spoke on telling stories with data and gave us a peak inside the culture of Maple Leaf Foods. From here we got a taste (actually no samples provided) of what Hershey is doing to break through some hard shell congestive biases in retail. While the lack of samples left this writer sorely disappointed, Kindle Partica delivered a concise and content rich speech with brain science, chocolate studies and a great case study with results. The lack of chocolate was overcome with great content. BTW, Welch’s provided samples in their presentation. Just saying…
Last, the bonus from the day came from the number of times our favorite behavioral economist and Nobel winner mentioned the word design. Daniel Kahneman is a big fan of the design world and repeatedly spoke to the importance of design with purpose. We haven’t met many economists and certainly few who talk about the importance of design. The birds sang and the words painted rainbows in our heads each time Daniel spoke (unprompted) on the subject of design. 
Hello world, we are a design firm and we’re here to help, reach out when you would like to talk. We’d love to hear more challenging problems to solve. It’s the stuff that keeps us energized. 
Now, let’s get some rest (in the form of a cold glass -or five- of Pinot Grigio) and we will see you back here tomorrow for day three. 
Aaron Keller, Principal
I am an author, strategist, researcher, cyclist, reader 
and consummate entrepreneur. When an interesting 
idea crosses my path, I find any way we can bring it 
to life. Earning an MBA from the Carlson School and 
numerous valuable credits at the school of hard knocks, 
I’ll sit at a boardroom conversation with anyone. 
Want to talk business strategy, consumer behavior 
and design? Oh, it’s on.

Kitty Hart, Director
I am the HartofCapsule, caring for our clients, friends, 

colleagues and partners. When I’m not deep in strategy
and design thought, I dream of belting out Diana Krall 
tunes in the blue haze of a nightclub. Until that dream 
is realized, I help Capsule’s clients understand and rise 
above business challenges through designed conversations.


Day One: OmniShopper threads from the sessions…

- Aaron Keller and Kitty Hart, Capsule

The Future Hunter’s Erica Orange and Jared Weiner got us started with some opening remarks. The warm up was worthy and got us all pressing forward into a day of data, mobile, shopping experiences, authenticity and granule insights on human behaviors. 
Jessica from Saatchi & Saatchi X forced us into a conversation about emotion and the contrast with the big “asterisk” data conversation. She made a case for a complement with the rational data we use in the form of “gut” check and the importance of emotion. Jessica’s story of CoverGirl was certainly a good example, putting emotion on a pallet and selling it in Walmart. Yes, emotion on a pallet. 
Our next discussion was led by Todd Henry, the author of Louder Than Words. His story of asking people to walk along a plank of wood on the floor vs a plank 100 ft in the air and how the risk / reward equation changes helped clarify the risks we ask people to take when taking on new opportunities. But, Todd’s best story which came out of his more recent book, Die Empty, used a tree metaphor. The idea was presented by a DJ he met who talked about going out on a branch and Todd asking the snarky question, “what happens if you go too far out on the branch and it gives way?” The DJ had a brilliant response. The branch falls and starts to grow a new tree (fan base, participants and revenue are the tree). This is a natural metaphor for how innovation happens, by going far enough away from the tree trunk out on a branch. Nature is so beautiful. 
From here we digitally walked into one of the North America’s largest shopping centers, the Mall of America. Emily Shannon walked us through all the trials and tribulations of managing the digital strategy for a gargantuan mall. She had some amazing points and insights, but the threads pulled into the next discussions included the text response team (which we tested and tweeted the results), her perspective on beacon technology, augmented reality and the power of digital media blended with physical spaces for a “phygital” experience. Her example of the “Twizzard” was a brilliant example of a snowstorm of tweets inside the Mall of America. A blizzard without frostbite, but plenty of digital content to enjoy, finally chocolate has some competition for our attention. 
The next sessions were breakouts and the conversations in between. The ConAgra Foods conversation was around wearables and food brands. With a mere big toe dip into the possible data coming from mobile, Thatcher Schulte had the crowd looking on with open mouths and wide eyes. The term “big data” needs a rebrand to “huge effin gargantuan data” once you add in mobile and human data from all the human / technology interaction data points. Could someone get on that rebrand? Soon. 
The Red Bull presentation with InfoScout was a waterfall dive into what Red Bull knows and (strangely enough) doesn’t know about the crazy people who buy their drinks. It surprised us how much was unknown for such a dynamic brand like Red Bull. Yet, we shouldn’t be, the shopper insights world needs to be scaled to match the number of unique places you can shop. Red Bull is certainly bought in a large variety of venues and consumed in an even larger contrast of spaces and places. The point seemed to be, even with all the resources Red Bull has, it is still a constant and deliberate hunt to find more knowledge on the human being consuming your brand. 
Now to the conversations in between. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of tweets, instagram photos and updates in social media on the conference. We were equally pleased by how much attention our book, The Physics of Brand, is getting with this analytical crowd. The world of research is just as hungry for new thinking and content as our typical design world.
We are looking for research partners interested in participating in client engagements with our team around this new articulation of brand-thought in the book. Please reach out if you’d like to discuss this in more detail. 
Aaron Keller, Principal
I am an author, strategist, researcher, cyclist, reader 
and consummate entrepreneur. When an interesting 
idea crosses my path, I find any way we can bring it 
to life. Earning an MBA from the Carlson School and 
numerous valuable credits at the school of hard knocks, 
I’ll sit at a boardroom conversation with anyone. 
Want to talk business strategy, consumer behavior 
and design? Oh, it’s on.

Kitty Hart, Director

I am the HartofCapsule, caring for our clients, friends, 
colleagues and partners. When I’m not deep in strategy
and design thought, I dream of belting out Diana Krall 
tunes in the blue haze of a nightclub. Until that dream 
is realized, I help Capsule’s clients understand and rise 
above business challenges through designed conversations.

Is online qualitative research as effective as in-person research?

By:  Shelley Miller, April Bell Research Group
We’ve had some of our long-term clients wanting to explore
different ways to ‘replicate’ in-person focus groups online. Surprisingly, this
is being driven not only by time and money constraints but also by scheduling
conflicts.  Although in-person qual facilitates
the kind of rapport and connection that is challenging to replicate online, we
also believe conducting online qual can give insight ‘ if you use the right
methodology and platform for the objective.
We currently have a great bulletin board platform (Recollective) we use for gaining
in-depth exploration into consumer’s habits and practices ‘ it’s a great tool
and we use it often as a supplement to in-person.
But finding the right tool to ‘replicate’ an in-person
experience ‘ where stimuli can be shown and feedback can be given in context
requires a synchronous platform (not a bulletin board ‘ asynchronous platform)
So we recently renewed our discovery process to review new
platforms and we were pleasantly surprised by how advanced the technology has
become. Although not perfect, it’s clear that many of them have become more  ‘researcher friendly.’ So, while it can seem
overwhelming based on the number of options available, we found the following
process can help narrow the choices in order to choose the best platform for
your needs.
the Experience:
With so many bells and whistles, it’s easy to get swept
away with a lot of the features available. 
We found as we were doing demos, that clarity was found if we focused on
what the experience would look and feel like as we were conducting the
Decide: Asynchronous
or Synchronous?
  There are pros and
cons of each but both can be beneficial based on what you are trying to learn.
For example, Asynchronous is great for ‘exploration’ or ‘going deep’ with individual
consumers while allowing flexibility for both the researcher and respondents;
however, the analysis is typically more disjointed and time-consuming.
Synchronous platforms, on the other hand, require a specific ‘meet up’ time.  They work well when you want group feedback
(ex: stimuli) because they allow data to flow in context ‘ and the analysis is
Text only or Webcam?
  This is an
important step when determining which platform to use because some platforms
are better at conducting Webcam interviews/groups (Intervu by
FocusVision) while others provide a great Text Chat Group feature (Inside Heads and Visions Live).  Again, there are pros and cons to each method
that should be carefully evaluated based on your client team’s wishes. For
example, Text Chat Groups do not allow you to see and hear respondents while Webcam
groups require much more technology requirements.
Creating an ‘evaluation process’ not only helped us identify
the right platform for the need, it also helped us overcome technology
‘overwhelm’ and create excitement for a shiny, new research tool! 

8 Reasons to Be Excited About OmniShopper in Chicago

OmniShopper is less than
2 weeks away! Don’t miss your opportunity to connect with the key players in
your industry and uncover new insights and activation strategies that you can
bring back and champion in your organization ‘ what are you waiting for?
Here are a few of the
top experiences waiting for you at OmniShopper 2016:

He’s an insights industry legend and Nobel Prize Winner in
Economic Sciences. And he’ll be taking the keynote stage to help you better
understand what shapes consumer decisions. 
Sure, OmniShopper unites hundreds of market research and insights
professionals from the retail industry in one place, but it’s not always easy
for you to connect with the people you need to meet. That’s why OmniShopper has
introduced a NEW matchmaking program to ensure you meet the RIGHT people to
drive YOUR business forward.
The State
of the Industry ‘ Revealed.
Jet.com and Lowe’s Home Improvement lead the
discussion from a retailer perspective ‘ on creating successful omnichannel
shopping experiences now and in the future ‘ while ConAgra, PepsiCo and
Unilever dive deeper from a manufacturer’s perspective ‘ on driving the new
path to purchase in a world where the consumer is in control.
Shopper Insight Lifecycle.
How is an insight uncovered? What methodologies
should you be using? How do you action the insight? Find out with best
practices from The Hershey Company, SmartRevenue, Wrigley and Capre Group
during an in-depth workshop on Sunday, July 10th.
World’s Most Powerful Consumers ‘ Women.
Bridget Brennan, Author, Why She
Buys, offers powerful insights on the consumer behavior of Millennial women, as
well as techniques on how you can stay relevant to female culture. Millennial
women’s consumer behavior and techniques on how you can break through the
clutter and stay relevant to female consumers.
OmniShopper brings all the players in the retail space together
for a common goal ‘ to define the future of retail through insight and
activation strategies. Collaboration is key, that’s why we’re giving insights
leaders from manufacturers AND retail the chance to come together to discuss
the new value of insights, new P2P, total store shopability and more.
Go beyond the insights at OmniShopper. Uncover the secrets to making
your work speak loudly and resonate with others with the help of  the
author of Louder than Words: Harness the Power of Your Authentic Voice. Todd
will share how to uncover, develop and use your authentic voice to connect more
effectively and consistently.
Digital Revolution.
It’s no secret that, like every other industry out
there, digital has changed the game at retail. Seth Shapiro, Principal, New
Amsterdam Media and Adjunct Professor, USC School of Cinematic Arts will
explore how you can leverage digital innovation to expand your global retail
opportunities and grow and prosper in the new retail landscape.
And so, what are you waiting for?! The future of retail
won’t be defined in isolation ‘ make sure you’re a part of the conversation.
Join us in July and tell us @OmniShopper what you’re excited
about right now #OmniShopperEvent.
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See you in Chicago!
The OmniShopper Team

Insights as a Vehicle for Influence: Digital Reinventing Retail

By: Amanda Ciccatelli,
Content Marketing & Social Media Strategist, Informa
Insights have become a vehicle for influencing marketing and
ultimately, the world. That’s why next in our Insights as a Vehicle for
Influence series, we sat down with Paul Donagher, Managing Director, Consumer
and Retail, Market Strategies International. In our conversation, he shed some
light on omnichannel has impacted retail, how shoppers are shaping the future of retail, why it’s important to link
digital and physical shopper marketing, and more.

Here’s what Donagher has to say:
How has omnichannel
impacted retail positively?
From a consumer perspective it has opened a whole range of
researching and buying opportunities, or ‘instants of intent’. The intent has
to be on both sides of the relationship, where both the consumer has the need
and the marketer has the opportunity to have their brand positioned perfectly
with the proper connections planning. Connections planning is really what
omnishopping is all about ‘ furthermore, we believe that the best outcomes for
marketers start with a thorough understanding of consumers both from a category
and brand perspective. This can only be achieved through properly conducted
research that uses all of the attitudinal, behavioral and neuro approaches at
our disposal.
What can retailers do
better to embrace the omnichannel customer journey and experience?
Our research shows that the relationship from the retailer
side has to meet three key criteria ‘ Seamlessness, Centricity and Experience.
We conducted our own qual and quant research that really narrowed down the
requirements for retailers to these three broad buckets.
How are shoppers
shaping the future of retail?
The information is all on the Omnishoppers side. They are
better informed than ever before’which in itself poses questions and provides
opportunities to retailers.
What are some shopper
insights lifecycle best practices you can share?
We spend a good deal of time trying to illuminate what we call
‘Day in the Life’. Of course, depending upon the category, the Omnishopper
journey and the constituent path-to-purchase can be weeks or longer, however we
use the notion of a ‘Day in the Life’ to look for the key sequencing that
matters to the brand. The ‘instants of intent’ I mentioned previously have to
be uncovered and the reasons for those instants (needs, motivations etc.) have
to be properly uncovered.
Why is it important
to link digital and physical shopper marketing?
That’s what the Omnishopper demands ‘ the notion of
Seamlessness I mentioned. The Omnishopper loves the research capabilities of
digital and the in-store benefits of in-store (shopping with friends, touching
the product etc.). From the research perspective, understanding digital is the
big opportunity. We continually look for those data sources that are
‘organically’ created for us and were not necessarily created for market
researchers. Whether it be big data or something else, these data exist and we
are uniquely placed to capture, process and analyze them for marketing purposes
How does omnichannel
customer experience impact customer loyalty?
We hear a lot about the lack of loyalty among Omnishoppers.
We think that is premature but that loyalty may have to be redefined as will
associated loyalty programs.
How is digital
reinventing retail?
Every consumer is a well-informed researcher ‘ they know
what to look for and where to look for it.
Where do you see
retail moving in the next 5 years?
There have to be more ways for every party in the
transaction to be compensated. If I research on one site but then buy in-store
or vice-versa, each party has performed a service. We hear a lot of discussion
on how to make sure everyone is compensated for their part in the
What are some key
points attendees can expect to take away from your session at OmniShopper?
We will spend a lot of time talking about different
techniques ‘ not created for market research ‘ that help elucidate
Seamlessness, Centricity and Experience. While we will also show how to best
uncover a ‘Day in the Life’ of Omnishoppers in any category. We’re looking
forward to it!

If you want to hear more from Donagher, don’t miss his presentation ‘The
Secret to Omnichannel Retail Success’ at OmniShopper 2016 taking place July
10-13 in Chicago, IL. For more information about the conference or to register,
click here: http://bit.ly/2920AJK

Top 10 Reasons to Attend OmniShopper 2016

This summer hundreds of research & insights
professionals in the retail industry will
join together in Chicago to shape the future…
Will you be a part of it?
Take a look at just a few of the reasons why OmniShopper 2016 is a can’t miss for you and
your team:
Industry legend Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize
in Economic Sciences & Best-Selling Author, Thinking, Fast and Slow leads
a conversation with you to better understand what shapes our choices,
judgements and decisions
Transform your category by using virtual
reality – Riddhish Kankariya, VP of Strategy & Insight, Happy Family
Brands will share how they used a virtual store to optimize the brand’s
products on shelf, and how you can take existing concepts and update them to
resonate with the shoppers’ changing needs
Examine multiple methodologies used to
generate shopper and consumer insights – from qualitative to quantitative -
and when and how to apply them with best practices from SmartRevenue, The
Hershey Company, Capre Group and Wrigley
Get behind the science of presentation
excellence as William Greenwald, Founder & Chief Neuroleaderologist,
Windsor Leadership Group, Author, Be A Mindsetter leads a workshop on The Art
of Storytelling 
Explore how gut vs. data will lead to
renaissance in marketing as we connect back to the fundamentals and emotional
engagement through human truths with Jessica Hendrix, President & CEO,
Saatchi & Saatchi X 
Uncover how you can leverage shopper insights
to drive effective path-2-purchase executions to drive category growth like
Heineken USA with Haley Rubin, Digital Shopper Media and Shawn Fitzgerald,
Director, Shopper Intelligence  
Dan Seymour, Director, Shopper Marketing Dell,
reveals how to convert a confused and uncertain shopper to a purchaser and
build loyalty with a more satisfying learning and shopping experience 
Drive faster and more impactful insights with
online insights communities with best practices from Red Bull North America,
who was able to build dynamic and ongoing relationships with their
Bayer Consumer Care, The Hershey Company and Campbell’s
soup come together to share how you can reach your shoppers where they plan,
shop and share, taking a closer look at the impact of technology, digital and
Collaborate with retailer and manufacturer leaders – check
out who’s already signed up to attend:
Ace Hardware
Alter Agenda
Amax Inc
American Greetings
Arc/Leo Burnett
Asics America
Bayer Animal Health
Bayer Consumer Care
Bellomy Research
C+R Research
Campbell Soup Company
ConAgra Foods
Design Phase
Directions Research
Energizer Personal Care
Estee Lauder Companies
Excel Displays & Packaging
Explorer Research
Foresight ROI
Georgia Pacific
Happy Family Brands
Harbor Industries
Heineken USA
Horizon Media
Indiana University
Kelley School of Business
Kellogg Company
Kimberly Clark
Lowe’s Home Improvement
Mall of America
Maple Leaf Foods
Mars Inc.
Mission Foods
Moet Hennessy
Murphy Research
Nestle Purina Petcare
ORC International
Philips Design
Publix Super Markets
Red Bull
REMWorks Sleep Store
Sargento Foods
Seismic Group
Smucker Foods of Canada
Smurfit Kappa The Americas
Southern Arkansas University
The Hershey Company
The Integer Group
The Marketing Arm
The Mars Agency
True Value Company
Tyson Foods
Univ. of Arkansas Little Rock
US Cellular
USC School of Cinematic Arts
Vista Outdoor

And more!
Use code OMNI16BL for
$100 off. Don’t miss out: http://bit.ly/1TWyTEH
We hope to see you in Chicago this summer!
The OmniShopper Team

Insights to Reach Shoppers Where they Plan, Shop & Share at OmniShopper

What does the physical store environment have in common with
a digital shopping cart and a mobile phone?
Even just five years ago it may have been difficult to bring
the pieces together, but in today’s retail landscape, it’s easier to connect
the dots. It’s a connected consumer.
You know that the retail industry has been undergoing a
major transformation. But what are you doing to adapt and keep up with the
changes? Let OmniShopper 2016 be your
partner for success.
OmniShopper has a reputation for attracting the most elite
and sharp-minded retailers in the industry. 
The 2016 event is no exception.
We’re uniting retailers with their brand partners to, collaboratively define
the new retailer/manufacturer partnership and address total store shopability
to create successful omnichannel experiences now and in the future.
Featured sessions include:
Jet.com, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Unliever,
PepsiCo and ConAgra discuss The State of the Industry: The Future of Retail,
including technologies driving retail innovations, complete shopper control,
how the rise of eCommerce/omnichannel mentality has impacted traditional retail
sales and much more.
Mall of America reveals how they used emerging
technologies like robotics, virtual reality, social media and mobile to
Innovate the Physical Retail Space.
Wrigley explores how to Collaborate to Drive
Impulse in an Evolving Retailer Landscape. 
The Hershey Company, Bayer and Campbell Soup
share how to Reach Shoppers Where They Plan, Shop and Share.
Plus, INDUSTRY LEGEND Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize Winner in
Economic Sciences and Best-Selling Author, Thinking, Fast and Slow will take
the keynote stage: A Conversation with Daniel Kahneman to Understand What
Shapes Our Choices, Judgements and Decisions.
As humans, we think we make rational decisions, but the
truth is we are subject to many biases that affect our decision making. Daniel
Kahneman explains the two systems that drive our thinking. Everything from
personal happiness, playing the stock market, making purchasing decisions, and planning
a vacation can be understood by knowing how these systems shape our judgements
and decisions. Should we trust our intuitions?  
Have a question you want Daniel to answer? Tweet it using
hashtag #OmniAsksDaniel and we’ll add it to the schedule!
Download the 2016 agenda: http://bit.ly/1XfAlkG
Use code OMNI16BL for $100 off the current
rate. Buy tickets here:
The future of retail won’t be defined in isolation. Make
your voice heard at OmniShopper this July.
The OmniShopper Team

Insights, Marketing & Innovation 2016 Event Line-up

Designing Brands
with Purpose
April 4-6, 2016
Nobu Eden Roc, Miami, FL
The pressure to connect consumers and brands is more
meaningful than ever before. Those who can make the connection are thriving and
those who cannot are fading away. FUSE is the only event focused on design as a
strategic force in your quest to build brands and businesses that connect
beyond compare with consumers.
Use code FUSE16BL for $100 off the current rate.
Insight Immersion:
The New Value
April 20-21, 2016
Join a select group of brand and agency leaders, and dive
deep into an experience of consumer culture that will inform, inspire and
energize you.  We take you into the vibrant streets of New York City
to explore current marketplace trends, discover buzzworthy brand
spaces, interact with insightful experts, participate in unexpected
experiences and uncover valuable insights that will dramatically benefit your
FEI: Front End of
Inspiration Needs
May 10-12, 2016
Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, MA
FEI is a conference that senior level R&D,
Innovation, and Product Development executives rely on to thwart the growing
threat of disruption by non-traditional competitors. Large organizations are
under fire to be more agile and opportunistic in their approach to innovation,
adaptation, and disruption. That’s why the 2016 curriculum is designed to help
systematically tackle the innovation process- from ideation through execution-
in order to capture immense innovation.
Use code FEI16BL for $100 off the current rate.

The New Face of Consumer Insights: TMRE
in Focus
Are You Ready for
the New Face of Consumer Insights?
May 23-25, 2016
Ritz Carlton, Marina Del Ray, CA
The producers of TMRE: The Market Research Event arm you
with the new processes, procedures, frameworks and skillsets you need to remain
competitive and relevant. Rethink how your insights teams are structured, how
the back end and operations of research must evolve and harness game-changing
skills to deliver value both internally and to end customers.
Use code INSIGHTS16BL for $100 off the current rate.

Marketing Analytics & Data Science
Unlock Opportunity
and Growth
Jun 8-10, 2016
Hilton, Financial District, San Francisco, CA
The Marketing Analytics and Data Science conference is an
inaugural conference that demonstrates how to deploy marketing analytics and
data science to drive business forward. The conference offers a unique platform
for experts across industries to learn, collaborate and share best practices in
data science, IoT, marketing analytics, and more.
Use code MADS16BL for $100 off the current rate.
Insight Immersion:
The Internet of
June 15-16, 2016
Join a select group of brand and agency leaders, and dive
deep into an experience of consumer culture that will inform, inspire and
energize you.  We take you into the vibrant streets of New York City
to explore current marketplace trends, discover buzzworthy brand
spaces, interact with insightful experts, participate in unexpected
experiences and uncover valuable insights that will dramatically benefit your
Insight &
Activation Strategies that Define the Future of Retail
July 10-13, 2016
Radisson Blu, Chicago, IL
OmniShopper 2016 is a world-class experience focused on
how to translate shopper insights into dramatic growth opportunities for your
business – anticipate and predict the future, generate fresh insights, create
seamless and connected brand experiences along the complex shopper journey and
increase basket growth at every opportunity – in-store, mobile and online.
Use code OMNI16BL for $100 off the current rate.

Foresight & Trends
Save the Date: September 27-19, 2016
Foresight and Trends is for those within innovation, strategic
planning and insight that are charged with setting the vision for their
department and the overall business. FT explores macro trends that are/will
impact all industries and reveals how companies are converting these trends and
global shifts into something ACTIONABLE.
Marketing Research Event
Connecting You to the Best in Insights from Around the
October 17-20, 2016
Boca Raton Resort & Club, Boca Raton, FL
Translating insights into bottom line impact and
demonstrating the NEW business value of research is the holy grail. Level up
your skillset and ensure insights remain indispensable to your business.
Seismic shifts are banging at your door. Drive your future and shape the
industry’s future at TMRE: The Market Research Event.
Use code TMRE16BL for $100 off the current rate.
We hope to see you at one of our conferences in 2016!

The IIR Insights, Marketing & Innovation Team

OmniShopper 2016 Brochure Now Available

The OmniShopper 2016 Full Agenda is Now Available
With the constant threat of new, innovative categories and
retail formats emerging as fierce competitors in an already cluttered
omnichannel world, established brands and retailers are forced to take more
risk in their approach to developing insight and activation strategies that
define the future of commerce.

The 2016 agenda is designed to elevate total store shopability – be that
on-line, in-store or in-home – in order to stay relevant in today’s tech and
shopper driven retail landscape.

the 2016 agenda: http://bit.ly/1QgkLzb
Check out these NEW experiences at OmniShopper 2016:
Meet Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize Winning
Psychologist and Best-Selling Author, Thinking, Fast and Slow.
Personalized Input From Legends and Leaders
Digital Chart Challenge
Retailer and Manufacturer Exchange
Immersive Learning Experiences: Pre-conference
workshop, storytelling workshop, offsite field trips.
Join us to collaborate with key shopper stakeholders and
take home new insights and activation strategies to champion the next best
practices at your organization.
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OmniShopper 2016 Keynote Line-Up Just Announced

Generate Fresh Insights & Predict the Future of the
Retail Industry
The OmniShopper Conference
is the industry’s annual meeting place to uncover new techniques and
methodologies, generate and activate insights and develop shopper driven
marketing strategies to transform retail. Uncover next best practices and
ensure insights remain at the heart of YOUR business.
OmniShopper 2016
July 11-13. 2016
Radisson Blu
Chicago, IL
Discover what’s new in how consumers plan, shop and share
in the OmniChannel world.
Here is the OmniShopper 2016 Keynote Lineup:
Understand What Shapes our Choices, Judgements
and Decisions
Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize in Economic
Sciences, Best-Selling Author, Thinking Fast & Slow
Innovate the Physical Retail Space with Emerging
Jill Renslow, SVP Marketing, Mall of
The Future of Retail, a Retailers Perspective
Sumaiya Balbale, VP of Marketing, Jet.com
Top Trends in Marketing and Selling to Women in
Bridget Brennan, CEO Female Factor and
Author, Why She Buys
In the midst of a rapidly evolving omnichannel world, a rock
solid understanding of shopper behavior and their evolving expectations has
never been more critical.

All New Experiences Maximize Networking, Learning & Fun

Immersive Learning Experiences
Pre-conference workshop
The Shopper Insight Lifecycle:
Best Practices from Generation to Application
Retail Manufacturer Exchange
Define the value of insights and total
store shopability
Interactive Keynote Q&A’s
Personalized input from legends and leaders
Digital Cart Challenge
Shop each booth and the biggest basket wins!
And much, much more!
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We hope to see in Chicago this summer!

The OmniShopper Team