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How Etsy Established the Value of Market Research as a Growing Startup

Long known for its highly experimental and data-driven
engineering culture, Etsy recently
established a Research team to deepen its understanding of its global
In an interview with Marc Dresner at TMRE last year, Alex
Wright, Director of Research at Etsy, explored the challenges of building a new
team and establishing the value of UX and market research practices in a
rapidly growing start-up environment.

According to Wright, research is a fairly new thing at Etsy
so he and his team have been trying to figure out where the need is and how to
staff against a number of different research initiatives.
‘The biggest challenge has really been, as it’s a brand new
function, is getting good people in place and getting them to work together,
what the roles are, how we distinguish different roles. And, at the same time
the company is growing, so it’s a little bit like trying to stand up in a boat,’
explained Wright.
Watch the full video interview

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