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Who Owns What?

Check out this very interesting post over at Britopian about the ownership of social media. The poster doesn’t spend much time actually thinking about who owns the social media aspect of companies’but they do delve into the ‘why and how’ aspect of ownership.

”is it marketing, PR or the business units who are out there building community? I really don’t know and I really don’t care. Implementing social media within in an organization requires a paradigm shift. It requires employees at all levels ‘ starting at the very top ‘ to change their thinking and embrace online relationships; as well as the conversations that blossom. It requires those who touch social media to communicate and share what they are doing internally.’

Who owns the social media aspect of your organization?

Mzinga: Building White Label Social Networks for Businesses

Researching the web this morning I came across this post on Mashable in which they have a conversation with Mzinga about their recent success of building white label social networks for companies. In case you haven’t been keeping your eyes on Mzinga, they have over 14,000 communities in 160 countries worldwide. These numbers are impressive!

We’ve also produced a webinar with Barry Libert and Aaron Stout from Mzinga titled ‘Building a ‘WE’ Company: The New Competitive Edge‘ where they demonstrate how to reap business benefits and real value from business social networks. Make sure to watch the archive here. Barry Libert was also a speaker at last year’s Community 2.0 Event which will now be held at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA from May 11-13, 2009. Check back for regular updates on this blog for confirmed keynotes and other news across the community industry.

Here’s the recent conversation video from Mashable with Mzinga. Enjoy!

Getting through with social media

Social media is still a relatively new concept, and most people have no idea what it actually does and what the benefits can be when using these tools for your business. Beth Dunn at Small Dots wrote recently about adopting social media for a non-profit business. Read the article here. She brought up four very important points about jumping into social media.
-Tackle something with social media that old methods can’t seem to touch
Ask yourself who you want to come to your page, and then find out what they’re already doing on the web.

-Put your policies on paper first
Things change on the web, so be prepared. A company should plan out your procedures before you jump head first into social media.
-Remember you’re on the same team
Many people working in companies don’t understand the concepts of social media. Work with them and don’t be discouraged when they aren’t jumping for social media ideas.