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Live from #TMRE14: Storytelling & Actionable Research Delivery

Today in the Strategic Communications &Consultative Leadership at the Market Research Event, Thania Farrar, Director of Research Innovation, Burke, Inc., offered a framework for sharing actionable research in a way that persuades and influences your audience in a narrative way.

How would you explain what you do and what you found to your mom or someone who is not in our industry?

One of the best ways to decide what information is crucial to include is to talk to your client, vendor, audience to find out what is important to them.

Simple Framework:

What – insight
So what – implication
Now what – action

How to spot an insights:

New – did we know this already
Opportunity – does it offer opportunity
Revenue – is it possible to turn this insight into revenue
Action – can you communicate it effectively?

“Information plus emotion and visualization wrapped in unforgettable anecdotes are the stuff that stories are made of.” – Garr Reynolds, Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery

How will you make your message memorable?

Make it simple, focus on what is important
Keep it concrete
Say it in layman’s terms
Make it credible, less data more context
Use emotion/images to make it more memorable
Connect the information
Take them on a journey

S.C.O.R.E: Give them the score


Make your tools work to help you tell your story.

Go online to get inspired: slideshare, infographics, prezi, Camtasia Studio, use video

How will you present your research? Let’s us know what inspires you?


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Why You Can’t Miss the Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit

There is just one question you have to ask yourself. And it’s not why should you attend the Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit in 2013. It’s what you will miss if you don’t.

1. A Holistic Approach to Customer Experience from a Diverse Cross-Industry Speaker Roster. There is no other event that brings together higher-level thinking around the alignment of customer strategy with business relevant aspirations. Gain perspectives and cross-industry learnings from financial services, government, automotive, travel, retail, healthcare, hospitality companies and more.

2. Inspiring Keynotes. Hear from client-side experts and award winning authors on the power of listening and valuing customer feedback (Nationwide), understanding the emotional story (Sensory Logic), the impact of Big Data (American Express), optimize customer experience through social media (Facebook), transforming company culture (Safelite AutoGlass), how ethnographic methods are applied to design research (Pacific Ethnography Company), VOC integration (Maritz Research) and more.

3. Innovative Case Study Presentations. Customer-focused leaders share their insights-rich stories on designing a mobile app that motivates (JetBlue), developing a total customer experience metric (Toyota Financial Services), behavioral economics (GfK), creating unparalleled customer experiences (Eli Lilly & Company), optimize customer panels for instant VOC (CVS Caremark), Emart: global retail perspectives (Prophet) and more.

4. One Collaborative Congress. This high-engagement three-day experience focuses on expertise and interactivity with an integrated experience of all main stage presenters. Developing a balanced agenda on topics to help you advance your organization with a sound customer plan.

Customer Experience Design – Explore how VOC data and design principles can be used to engineer experiences across your organization.

Strategy - Interpret, analyze and evaluate your customer strategy to ensure business relevance

Measurement & Feedback – Drive change and optimize your sales force by measuring customer feedback through the entire customer journey.

Alignment - Integrate and leverage your customer touchpoints – measurement & ROI, linkage, VOC, social media, technology, design principles, operational metrics and senior leadership.

5. Executive Summary. Delivered to you after the event summarizing the key session highlights and game changing trends – a valuable resources as you craft your insights-rich customer story.

6. Interactive Forums. Back by popular demand, Idea Gathering Sessions provide more time to collaborate with conference speakers and attendees on important topics. We invite you to challenge your peers to push boundaries. Companies already signed on to attend include:

Bellomy Research
Boston Symphony Orchestra
BP Fuels Value Chain Marketing
Cafe Britt
Caterpillar Financial
Chadwick Martin Bailey
Chalhoub Group
City of Ottawa
Crested Butte Mountain Resort
CUNA Mutual Group
CVS Caremark
Eli Lilly & Company
Enterprise Storage Division
Florida Blue
Graduate Management Admission Council
Harris Interactive
Hunter Douglas
Janet LeBlanc + Associates
Janssen Biotech
JetBlue Airways
Johnsonville Sausage
Le Capitale General Insurance
Leadership Learning Systems
MAKO Surgical Corp.
Maritz Research
Medical Packaging Inc.
Okemo Mountain Resort
Pacific Ethnography Company
Questback Inc.
RBS Citizens Financial Group
Sensory Logic
Station Casinos
Toyota Financial Services
Triple Peaks
Two Men and a Truck
Working Solutions
ZS Associates

Plus, see what others have had to say about the Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit:

This conference is an excellent environment for gaining insight into the customer experience. From the best practices to overcoming challenges, each speaker brings a viewpoint worth considering.”- Scott Swift, Vice President, Customer Information, Hunter Douglas

This event is about leveraging great customer research by linking and aligning it with key organizational issues.“- Bill Barnes, Senior Vice President, Burke, Inc.

The Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit will give you the insights and skills necessary to make your customer programs a success. Find out how creating a customer-centric culture within your organization, through expanded leadership and employee engagement can drive business results.

Mention your Blog VIP code to save 15% off the standard registration rate today: TCEL13BLOG

Email: register@iirusa.com
Phone: 888.670.8200

NACCM 2009: From Toronto to Trinidad: Measuring Scotiabank’s Brand and Service across international Boundaries

Cathy Daniels, Director, Customer Insights and Measurement, ScotiaBank International Banking & Joseph E. Toole, Vice President, Client Services, Burke, Inc.

ScotiaBank is in 48 countries and 5.5 milion customers. They are currently expanding into Latin America to reach those who are unbanked in the Caribbean. Their core purpose is to help customers become better off. In Canada, their motto is ‘You’re richer than you think.’ This doesn’t translate correctly across regions. They’ve looked to change this in Latin America.

When you’re doing research to make your company cross borders, and create a new brand based on one that exists, you must start with a huge opening for your funnel. No one can be left out of the process.

First, one must determine the key brand attributes. What are the generalities, and also look at the little thinks that make the brand. Burke wanted to then figure out what was driving the brand, what’s differentiating ScotiaBank, and what are the key constituencies.

Concentrate on what would differentiate the bank based on missions, goals and identity. This is different from building an identity from scratch.

Lessons learned from ScotiaBank and Burke:
-The brand attribute ‘research funnel’ should have a wide opening and a narrow outlet
-Use multiple evaluation criteria for determining optimal brand elements
-Readiness assessment requires both operational and marketing components
-It is possible to arrive at common brand strengths across multiple geographies
-Well-communicated research findings can influence thinking among diverse stakeholders
-Competitive bank comparisons overcome cross country measurement concerns

Sponsor Spotlight: Burke

Today, we’ll continue looking at the companies who are participating in The Market Research Event. Today, we’re featuring Burke Inc..

Since 1931, Burke has provided decision support solutions to companies across all major industries. Burke’s areas of focus include: Custom Marketing Research, Customer Loyalty & Relationship Management, Employee Engagement & Retention, International Research, Linkage & Integration, Online Research & Reporting, Qualitative and Burke Institute, the leading provider of research training and education.

Visit Burke’s website here.

Hear more from infosurv and other leaders in market research at The Market Research Event this October 18-21 in Las Vegas!