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How to Increase your Twitter Followers

I came across this guest post on TechCrunch from Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg and cofounder of Revision 3, in which he highlights 10 ways to increase your twitter followers. After all, Kevin is the 2nd most followed person on twitter with 88,000 followers, only second to President Obama! Here are his tips:

  1. Encourage your followers to retweet your links.
  2. Fill out the bio section on your page, people want to know you.
  3. Put links to your twitter profile everywhere on the web.
  4. Tweet about things that you are passionate about, and #hash tag them.
  5. Broadcast your twitter account in the physical world, ex: business cards, presentations, podcasts, etc.
  6. Take lots of pictures because they are heavily tweeted and retweeted.
  7. Start contests to get you in the number one spot.
  8. Follow top twitter users and see what they tweet about, this can give you some ideas.
  9. Reply to/get involved in #hash tag memes.
  10. Track your results to see how well your profile has grown.


Who Owns What?

Check out this very interesting post over at Britopian about the ownership of social media. The poster doesn’t spend much time actually thinking about who owns the social media aspect of companies’but they do delve into the ‘why and how’ aspect of ownership.

”is it marketing, PR or the business units who are out there building community? I really don’t know and I really don’t care. Implementing social media within in an organization requires a paradigm shift. It requires employees at all levels ‘ starting at the very top ‘ to change their thinking and embrace online relationships; as well as the conversations that blossom. It requires those who touch social media to communicate and share what they are doing internally.’

Who owns the social media aspect of your organization?

Building Communities for Insight and Consumer Advocacy

One of our sister events Voice of the Customer has put together a free webinar which I thought I’d pass along on this blog. Aliza Freud, the Founder and CEO of SheSpeaks will be presenting Building Communities for Insight and Consumer Advocacy on Thursday, November 6, 2008 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST. Mention priority code G1M2039W1BL when you register. Here’s a brief recap of the webinar:

The SheSpeaks platform creates community and connects brands to our members to capture consumer insights, build word-of-mouth recommendations and brand advocates. SheSpeaks has developed an expertise in building community among women that inspires them to become brand ambassadors.

This presentation will describe the four components that are required to create a strong community and how each component functions in that process. We will provide examples of how brands have used these components to achieve success and how we integrate each component in our process at SheSpeaks.

What you will learn by attending:
- What is SheSpeaks and how does it work?
- Why should a brand build a community?
- What are the four components of creating a strong community?
- How can you build community for your brand?

As always, check back regularly as we will be posting community related webinars here. Register for this webinar here.