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The British Royal Family -now on Flickr!

The British Royal Family has released hundreds of candid and professional shots on the official Royal Flickr page. According to The Daily Mail, the online photograph album will provide a unique glimpse into the life and work of the modern Monarchy and will allow Flickr users to use the photographs in blogs and other social media.As well as recent photographs of the Royal Family at work and play, the site will include more historical material drawn from the Royal collections.

What do you think of the Royal’s social media presence?

British government works to get more online users

In an effort to get more people, especially older generations, online the British government has set up Race 2012. From their website, Race Online 2012 aims to bring people and organizations together to improve the life chances of the 10 million people who have never been online, particularly the four million who are also socially and economically excluded. Race 2012 aims to get 100% of the British population online by the London Olympics 2012.

The YouTube sensation, The Internet Grandad has taken a special interest in the cause and is helping them with their mission. As an elderly widower living alone in England, he found the internet to be a wonderful tool to share his knowledge and to connect with a new set of people.

As social media professionals, we often look at what can be the next big thing, the biggest moneymaker, etc. What many fail to forget is how powerful social media can be to simply connect with one another and to be social. For so many the idea of being social can be daunting, what social media offers is a path out of loneliness.

What other organizations do you know of who are taking a keen interest in getting older generations to adopt the internet? Would you support an initiative like this in your country?