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Continue engaging your brand with your customers

Over at the Examiner, Scott Gringold recently posted a quote from David Morehouse, the President of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

‘We wanted to see what people thought our brand was in the marketplace,’ he says. ‘We researched people within the organization to see what we thought our brand was and then we matched them up, and as we are rolling into a new arena in two years, we decided what we wanted to do was enhance the things that are prevalent in our brand that we liked. (Then) eliminate those that are prevalent in our brand that we didn’t like, and roll out an enhanced brand strategy as we try to market this new arena and this hockey team.’

It’s important to stay in touch with your customers in hard economic times, and it is necessary for you to be engaged with all aspects of your product, including your brand, your customers and your employees. Doing market research, and staying in touch with all parties, is a great way to understand and maintain your customer base.

Using Your Research

The November Issue of “CPG matters” has an excellent podcast titled “Combine Consumer Insights to Enhance Brand Marketing.” Often companies gather a lot of information, but maybe at a loss on how to utilize it effectively. This latest Webcast from CPG helps organizations, and specifically marketers:

“gain more powerful consumer insights by integrating attitudinal and behavioral research to create Brand Strategies”

Check it out here, and let us know what you think of the CPG Webcast.