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Now following Gordon Brown

Brand Republic has a new article about TwitterMinister, a service that lists all of the public officials in Great Britain related to Downing Street.

TweetMinister aggregates the Twitter streams of members of Parliament, prospective candidates, the major political parties, government departments and Downing Street. It also claims to have a “secret sauce” to capture relevant conversations going on in Twitter pertaining to UK politics.

This is a service that is bringing the politics home for the British citizens. What do you think? Would you like to see a service like this come to America?

LG enlists director Edward Zwick for ‘Life Looks Good’ campaign

According to Brand Republic, LG has enlisted director Edward Zwick for ‘Life Looks Good’ campaign. Andrew Warner, marketing director UK & Ireland, LG, said: ‘Previously our adverts have promoted individual LG products, but the ‘Life Looks Good’ campaign focuses specifically on building an emotional connection with the brand. To create this, we have used subtle branding and made Mr. Zwick the focal point of the campaign, bringing a personality to the brand.’ It sounds a lot like the American Express campaign, or even the Visa Check Card campaign from a few years ago? Are people really going to respond to celebrities in a finicky environment?