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NACCM 2009: High Performance Work at Home reps, a Building Block for Creating a Customer-Centric Environment

Ricardo Weld, Director HSN, Performance Support Services, Home Shopping Network

The web complements the television channel. They have emerging channels, what a customer wants, when she wants. They’re also on video on demand to find the products you want for your remote control.

Mission: The delivery the joy and excitement of new discoveries every day. HSN today isn’t about hard sales, it’s about education and information. When Emril is on, it’s about the dish he’s cooking, not just the pots and pans he’s using to cook the meal in.

The start of the experience is the brands. A customer is looking for uniqueness, ideas, accessible aspiration, fun, connections and validations.

HSN handles 45 million calls an 480,000 emails processed annually. They look at the volume that their products are going to drive in calls, and they have found a way to use a work at home model to employees who take calls. They’ve moved away from off shoring, and brought shores back home. Their work at home model has allowed them to grow, and let their employees grow in their career.

Show hosts, reps, online reps, all of the voices are representing HSN. Voices should not be different across the different platforms. That’s why they brought the CSRs back from the Philippines, the voices didn’t translate.

HSN has a reward yourself program for their employees. HSN sets up a program with an account, they get in store credits or expendable cash. This never expires, even if the employees leave HSN.

HSN has a quality evaluation process. They have a Tier process ‘ 1 ‘ Reps who are tenured, solid jobs, 2 ‘ doing well, Tier 3 ‘ Those who are struggling. They receive 3x the number of evaluations compared to Tier 1.

The expectation of HSN for their call center reps is to connect with their customer. This is their brand, and they expect it from their call center representatives. A friendly, connected work at home agent is the HSN brand.

Speakers of TMRE 2009: RiCardo Crespo, Mattel Inc.

In the weeks leading up to The Market Research Event 2009, we’re going to be hearing from the speakers of The Market Research Event. This week we have RiCardo Crespo, Group Creative Director, Mattel Inc., who will be presenting “Realizing a Sustained Collaborative Culture to Support Packaging Innovation,” in the PROOF: What’s New & Next In Packaging Research Track on Monday, October 19, 2009. To learn more about The Market Research Event, download the brochure here!

1. Tell us about a project you are working on or recently completed that you are proud of?
Ricardo: I recently worked on the strategy and creative direction development plan for a marquee brand. The strategy was instrumental in aligning all cross-functional teams to end up in a single voice for the brand while fostering separate, yet collaborative development across all teams. All teams had a clear vision of the end result while having tangible and attainable development milestones, which were objectively reviewed with agreed metrics beforehand.

2. Think ahead 5 years, what major changes for MR/Consumer Insights do you see?
Ricardo: Same as was forecasted 5, even 10 years ago…that at the end of the day, brands are experiences and that those experiences need to be a direct result of what consumers want, not what we think, or hope the brands will be. Speak to consumers in engaging ways and when you tell compelling, persuasive brand stories, you are not selling, you are fostering dialogue back to your brand through their repeated and personal decisions to experience your brand. this dialogue leads to loyalty and relationships that are the DNA of successful brands.

3. What inspired you to get in the field? What keeps you motivated?
Ricardo: My inspiration?…that someone wanted to pay me for the passion and creativity that was innate to solve communication challenges, and tell stories because of brands. Creative direction and strategic design is incredibly fulfilling…because no two challenges are the same; that diversity elevates our ability to progress and ultimately, our creativity. What keeps me motivated? Repeat my first sentence.