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Digital advertisment pays off for Delta

From February to mid-June of 2009, Delta worked with Digitas to more effectively target it’s potential customers of international travel. They worked with Digitas to reach these customers through digital mediums at places of high traffic such as ferry terminals, health clubs, gas stations and cafes, to increase awareness of Delta as an international carrier.

The success of the campaign was substantial:
– Awareness of Delta as an international carrier increased by more than 28%.
– Among business travelers, the perception that Delta “flies to the international destinations you want to go to” increased 26%.
– The percentage of people “very likely” to recommend Delta to friends, family or colleagues increased by 61%.
– 32% of those who noticed the screens (index of 695 against U.S. national average) fit Delta’s income demo.
– Those who noticed the screens were frequent travelers who had an average of 5.2 business trips a year.
– Overall awareness of Delta increased by 15%

Have you begun to target your potential customers digitally? What are your goals when doing so? How have you best found a way to measure that?

Source: CNN Money

How to Build Brand Awareness of Facebook

This recent article in SearchEnglineLand.com discusses how a company can create brand awareness on Facebook. Kevin Gibbons give the example of Aleksandr Orlov, the founder of Compare the Meerkat. His status updates are sporadic and written in the way he talks, so it doesn’t sound salesy. Not only that, but the online persona is not closely associated with the online website, and so it makes it ok to become a fan without all of the marketing that goes along with it.

Armed Forces Day is an example of an organization that has a lot of fans without any real marketing behind it. The reasoning behind this is because of the brilliance of what the organization stands for. Dunkin Donuts is another Facebook Fan favorite. Dunkin embraced a campaign that allowed its Facebook users to post pictures of themselves with any Coolatta drink. Involving your fans in the community is a sure way to get hundreds of fans.

What are some other examples of companies building brand awareness on Facebook?