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Borderless Access Panels expands to South Africa

Borderless Access Panels Pvt. Ltd. today announced the market launch of its proprietary panel in South Africa. The emerging market research specialist expands its capabilities from Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico into South Africa, empowering global organizations to conduct research in high potential markets.

Dushyant Gupta, Senior Vice President of Borderless Access Panels on the occasion said, ‘South Africa the economic powerhouse of Africa is not only in itself an important emerging economy; it is also the gateway to other African markets. Acer, Barclays, BMW, GE, Alcatel all have a presence in South Africa and we see an increased presence of more international organizations setting up local offices. With global players there and a growing market, it then becomes imperative to feel the pulse of South Africa and that’s where Borderless Access comes into picture.’

Ruchika Gupta, President at Borderless Access adds, ‘Borderless Access is the undisputed leader for online panels in these hard-to-reach markets with a significant representation of its population in our growing panel. With global experience, industry experts who have crossed cultural boundaries and succeeded in building a robust panel, Borderless Access is your one-stop survey partner in the emerging markets.’

About Borderless Access:
Borderless Access is the Emerging Market online research specialist with extensive experience in building and maintaining panels across geographies and cultures. Having proprietary panels in Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC) and Mexico; and partnerships enables them to reach over 100 million consumers across 65 countries.

Borderless Access is the only online panel company within the emerging markets to be listed as preferred vendor for several Honomichl research companies. Borderless Access is the chosen sample provider for select CPG firms & Fortune Top 10 Technology giants.
Know more at: www.borderlessaccess.com