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A Glimpse into the Future of Market Research

What will the market research industry look like 5, 10 even 20 years from now? Wouldn’t you love to find out today, so you could start making the necessary preparations and changes to ensure your relevance and impact in the future?

Well now you can. Let The Market Research Event 2012 be your crystal ball into what’s next for the market research industry. At TMRE 2012, Keynote Bob Johansen will explore the external future forces that will re-shape market research and challenge you as leaders of market research.

Bob Johansen, Author

Bob Johansen, Future-Forecaster, Former President and Current Fellow, Institute for the Future, Author, Leaders Make the Future will present Leaders Make the Future (of Market Research and More). He is a ten-year forecaster who has outlived his forecasts more than three times over. In his presentation he will focus on the importance of digital natives (those 16 or less in 2012), as well as cloud-served supercomputing that will change the nature of in-person and online shopping – as well as market research. Words like “consumer” and “marketing” are likely to become obsolete in the future worlds where engagement will be key to market success.

In addition you will have access to an entire track dedicated to Strategy & Futuring, in order to “future proof” yourself and your organization.

  • ‘ Shattering the Proverbial Glass Ceiling: Tools & Techniques for Getting in the Game
  • - The Walt Disney Studios, Ticketmaster, Post Foods, Decipher, Inc.
  • ‘ Creating and Fostering Strategic Partnerships: Leading the Change from Functional Silo to Engaged Strategic Partnership – GE Healthcare Systems
  • ‘ The Changing Role of Marketing Research – What Served You in the Past is Unlikely to Help You Today & in the Future – Shire Pharmaceuticals
  • ‘ Taking Risk to Push a Company’s Strategic Thinking – Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • ‘ Giving the Gift of Insight to Your Company – Kraft Canada
  • ‘ Unlocking Critical Points of Difference to Stand Out in Cluttered Categories – Energizer Personal Care, The Pert Group
  • ‘ Playing Leapfrog with a Unicorn? Reinventing a Banking Brand after the Economic Storm – Citi

Download the brochure to see the full program.

Join us as we help transform insight partners into strategic consultative leaders. Register today and save 15% off the standard rate. Mention code TMRE12BLOG. If you have any questions about this year’s event, feel free to contact Jennifer Pereira.