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The State of Social TV and the Second Screen

On the slidedeck, The State of Social TV and the Second Screen shared by Shayna Blumenthal, Marketing and Social Media Consultant, she offers some insights in the current evolution of the Broadcast and Media industry:

 For example, 95% of all public chatter about TV happens on Twitter – Social can drive up to 50% of the conversation centered around sports, and speculates on what’s to come in the future.


Audience Measurement Session Spotlight: Closing the Gap between Social Media & Mass Communication

TV has become the new catalyst causing people to engage in social media. As viewers watch their favorite shows, they chat online with friends and family. Which shows are drawing the most commenters and the largest share of conversation? Bluefin Labs has developed a measurement system to measure engagement during shows and the connections between shows ‘ ‘cross-show engagement.’

In a world of paid, owned and earned media, this information enables networks to collect social media response at the scale that advertisers need.

The Audience Measurement Event is pleased to welcome keynote Deb Roy, Co-Founder & CEO of Bluefin Labs when he presents ‘Closing the Gap between Social Media & Mass Communication’ this May.  For more information on his presentation and the rest of the program, download the brochure.  If you’d like to join us this May 21-23, 2012 in Chicago, register today and mention code AM12BLOG to save 15% off the standard rate!

Featured Session: Closing the Gap between Social Media & Mass Communication
Presented by: Deb Roy, Director, Cognitive Machines Group, MIT MEDIA LABS & Co-Founder & CEO, BLUEFIN LABS
About the Session: People have always talked about what they watch on television – be it sitcoms, ports or commercials. The emergence of social media platforms now makes it possible for people to voice those opinions publicly, frequently, in real-time and on a scale previously unheard of. Bluefin Labs’ innovative technology links social media comments directly to their televised source, enabling networks, brands and advertisers to gain deep insight into how audiences are responding.

  • ‘ The benefits of understanding how audiences react to TV
  • ‘ Eye-popping visualizations of the social response to mass media
  • ‘ Actionable insights for optimizing programming, ad planning and creative decisions