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Corporate Blogging..We think we know it all

I came across this article from Smashing Magazine that details 10 Harsh Truths About Corporate Blogging. So you think you know it all? Take a quick look at any of these tips, do you think your company is doing its best?

  1. A blog does not magically generate traffic
  2. Good corporate blog requires long term commitment
  3. Teaser feeds are a wasted opportunity
  4. You are not ‘engaging’ anyone
  5. Press releases shouldn’t appear on a blog
  6. You sound like a faceless corporation
  7. You need to show the warts and all
  8. Marketeers often make bad bloggers
  9. You expect too much from your readers
  10. Your competitors will read your blog – Get over it!

View the full post here.

First Time Blog Readers

First impressions are important in person and the same concept rolls over to blogs as well. Here are some tips I came across post in ProBlogger that highlights what you can do to do some analysis of first time impressions of your blog. First you’ll need a co-worker, friend, or family member who hasn’t seen your blog yet. Second you’ll have to you’ll need to have a computer in front of your test subject and ideally you would have to be in the same room. While your friend is surfing the blog for 4-5 minutes you can monitor how they use your blog.

  • How do they navigate?
  • Where do they click?
  • What do they pause to read?
  • What do they skip over?
  • What areas of the blog do they seem most drawn to

Once they’ve finished surfing you can ask them about their overall impressions and experiences

  • What were their first impressions?
  • What did they first think your blog was about when they arrived at it?
  • Did they find it easy to read/navigate/understand?
  • What did they ‘feel’ when they first arrived at your blog?
  • What suggestions do they have on how you could improve your blog?
  • What questions do they have having surfed your blog?
  • What words would they use to describe the design?
  • What are the main things that they remember about your blog 10 minutes later?
  • What suggestions do they have from a user perspective?

Definitely some worthwhile tricks to analyze how someone navigates in your blog for the first time.

Increase your readership

At Social Media Today, Josh Peters recently commented on how to increase your blog readership. Get involved in the conversation going on around the web. People are out there talking about the topic of your blog, so throw in your opinions on their posts or Twitter comments. People will make it back to your blog if you give them a reason to read it.

How to Drive Traffic to your blog

Jacob Morgan at Social Media Today recently wrote a list of how he thinks people can best drive traffic to their blog. What do you think? Would you add anything else?
1. Comment on other posts related to your industry
2. Try to get syndicated
3. Put your URL in email signatures and profiles
4. Use Digg and StumbleUpon
5. Share your posts around the web, for example: Facebook and Twitter
6. Write guest posts
7. Write quality and engaging content
8. Network on and offline
9. Write often
10. Respond to comments
11 .Make RSS feeds easily accessible to your site