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Best Service is No Service – Bill Price

Insights from our Contact Center 360 Summit today:

First up “The Best Service is no Service.” – with Bill Price, formerly of Amazon.Com

- “The best service is no service,” was Bill’s response to Jeff Bezos’ question about his philosophy of customer service when interviewing for a job leading Customer Satisfaction for Amazon. Bill gives voice to something many of us have been thinking about for years – think of a call to a contact center as a breakdown in the service model.

Bill calls non value adding calls “dumb contacts.”

‘ Dumb contacts are ones that are not valuable to the customer or the business.
‘ If a contact is dumb it should be automated.

Companies that get this are measuring there % of Self Service. Many target as high as 90%, but Bill suggests using 80% as a workable goal. % Service provides a much better focus for service program than FCR or other traditional contact center metrics.

Bill relayed great examples of how self-service adds value based on knowing the customer’s needs: Two struck me as wow:

  • The Autobahn breaking into your FM radio program with an automated message warning off raffic ahead and then activating your GPS to show you where to get off
  • MM’s allowing online requests of personalized candies for special occasions.

Each example drove home the need for innovation in service design.

Here is a real gem about dealing with an age old challenge at call centers – How to melt “snowballs.” Yes, snowballs. Snowballs are repeat contacts because once they start rolling each call comes in with a bigger and bigger AHT Key to “melting them?” Unlimited Handle Time allowed for specific question types to do as much research as required, as long as it takes…to get to a First Call resolution.

Bottom line on Bill’s talk:
Great service is table stakes.
Value comes from innovating ways to take the service call out of the equation.

Customer Service Week with JoAnna Brandi — Day Three

On day three of customer service week, JoAnna Brandi addresses the return on happiness when your employees are happy.

Check out the video here:

And as a reminder, we have a webinar this week presented by NACCM. Bill Price will be presenting “Outsourcing and offshoring, insourcing and onshoring — so many choices, so little frank information.” It’s tomorrow, Thursday, October 9, from 2:30PM to 3:30 PM EDT. We hope you can join us!

Sign up here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/890742670

Speaker Profile: Bill Price

With the North American Conference On Customer Service approaching, we would like to introduce you to the speakers we will have at our event. This year, NACCM will take place from November 16 ‘ 19, 2008 in Anaheim, California at the Disneyland Hotel. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Bill Price. Bill Price is the founder of Driva Solutions, LLC, and the author of The Best Service is No Service. Prior to Driva Solutions Bill Price was the Vice President of Amazon.com’s Global Customer Service. Price helped them to reduce contacts-per-order’? by over 70% which helped win Amazon.com the second highest-ever customer satisfaction rating for a company based in the United States. Some of his other accomplishments include: the publication of more than 20 articles and whitepapers, videotapes of past presentations from 2002 and 2004 are still broadcast on television as relevant, in 1997 he was awarded ‘Call Center Pioneer’ from Call Center Magazine, and in 2004 was asked to be one of ten ‘CRM Gurus’. As previously mentioned Bill Price is the author of The Best Service is No Service: How to Liberate Your Customers from Customer Service, Keep Them Happy, and Control Costs. Check out the Driva Solutions blog titled ‘Best Services’ here. Also, we’re excited to have Bill Price present a web seminar on October 15 called Outsourcing and offshoring, insourcing and onshoring ‘ so many choices, so little frank information. Stay tuned to the NACCM Customers 1st blog for more information We invite you to come see Bill Price at NACCM as he presents on Monday, November 17th, When the Best Service is No Service.