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Continuing the Conversation: The Power of Predictive Analytics

Connecting the best in insights from around the world at The Market Research Event (TMRE) showed that:

- People are a catalyst for inspiration. More than 1,300 leading executives and research professionals from across the globe gathered to experience the latest technologies and the most breakthrough applications of insights.

- Experience is a catalyst for disruption. Only when you purposefully change your surroundings, can you truly open your mind to new ideas.

- Stories are a catalyst for action. Over 150 cross-industry, research and insights experts shared best practices on insight-driven innovation.

To continue the stories and conversations generated from TMRE’s Big Data & Predictive Analytics sessions, check out “I Know What You’ll Do Next Summer: Why Marketers Must Embrace Predictive Analytics” by Andrew Frank.

How are you “applying the power of predictive analytics to real-time digital marketing?”

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How to Analyze Trend Insights for Prediction


How to Uncover Insights from Big Data in Financial Services?

Big Data
 (Photo: Kevin Krejci)

Knowing your customers is important for every sector but for financial services it is a must. There’s always been vast amounts of data – but as channels become more blurred and competitors fight for the most valuable customers – what opportunities exist in synthesizing all the information in such a way to humanize the data and more deeply understand your segments?

The Market Research Technology for Financial Services symposia, a highlight of The Future of Consumer Intelligence Event will share best practices on leveraging big data and analytics to engage, build and strengthen your customer relationships and drive business results.

Find out how financial institutions can:
‘ Leverage trends and methodical innovation to get to the heart of the future consumer
‘ Generate a competitive advantage through the use of big data and analytics
‘ Understand and excel in a mobile-drive market
‘ Use new operating models like the cloud, big data, collaboration and innovation to increase efficiency
‘ Identify the adoption rates and opportunities for growth of consumer use of the mobile wallet

Plus, don’t miss World Renowned Statistician Nate Silver sharing insight into Big Data and Predictive Analytics (and how he accurately predicted the outcome of all 50 states during the 2012 presidential election!)

Download the brochure for the complete conference program. Register today to secure your spot for this exclusive presentation, plus save 15% off!

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