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How to Structure and Tell a Persuasive Story

Nancy Kazdan

During Day 1 of the Marketing Analytics & Data Science conference, attendees learned how to tell effective business stories from Nancy Kazdan, Business Development Manager, BBSI, as she presented “Your Data Doesn’t Always Tell the Story.”

Nancy described business storytelling as the art of using stories to communicate and connect with employees, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders and others involved with your organization. Business stories have a specific goal or desired outcome and are authentic.

Nancy told attendees to not be afraid to tell stories that show failure, poor judgment or mistakes. She explained that when you’re prepared to appear vulnerable in front of others, you can quickly establish trust and support.

According to Nancy, the three essential elements of a good story (CAR framework) are:
- Content: Establish context. Listeners need to make sense of your story. Spark interest.
- Action: Where and when does this story take place? Who is the main character or message? What does your main character want to accomplish? Who or what is in the way?
- Result: Did you succeed with your listeners? What is the moral? Why did you tell the story? What are the insights? Reveal your main message. What did the audience learn from the result?

To establish context for your story, focus on these three areas:
- Who is my audience? Determine what insights your listeners want to draw from the data you show them.
- What is the ultimate message I want to share? Boil it down to a compelling single statement.
- Determine the best way to illustrate it. Anecdotes that illustrate struggle, failure and barriers overcome are what make leaders appear authentic and accessible.

We like stories because we connect with them emotionally. Stay connected for more conference updates at #MADSCONF.

Peggy L. Bieniek, ABC is an Accredited Business Communicator specializing in corporate communication best practices. 

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