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Connecting Employees with Customers

Becky Carroll recently posted on the Customers Rock! blog that taking the time out to listen to what customers are saying is an important part of the customer experience. The old age saying is that a happy customer tells a friend and an unhappy customer tells 10 people. Becky goes on to explain that social media is important because it gives customers a platform to leave feedback and opinions, and if you can somehow meet and solve problems live online, well that’s even better!

How good of a job is your company doing in interacting with your customers through social media?

The Customer Bathroom Experience

Becky Carroll brings up some interesting perspectives on the customer experience at the bathroom, which seems to be a forgotten space in her latest post at Customers Rock! Her thoughts’keep restroom signs simple and easy to understand. After all, we want to avoid embarrassing mishaps when customers can not differentiate between the two restrooms.

She also posted this video of the beautiful fixtures of the public ladies room at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. An important lesson here is to carry the image of your brand everywhere, and that includes the bathroom. Enjoy!