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Free Web Seminar – The Analytical Revolution: are you ready?

Date/Time: Thu, May 6, 2010 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT
Register: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/149414392
Mention priority code MWS0032BLOG

What if you could change the game and become and insight partner to your end clients? You can with IBM SPSS solutions. Today’s market research firms are uniquely equipped to provide their business clients with what they need ‘ an in-depth, well-rounded understanding of their customers. By using predictive analytics, market research firms are not only able to conduct research, but also revolutionize their relationship with clients by taking insight to the next level

During this presentation we will examine:

‘ Integrating research with wider data sources to give a wider view to empower business decisions
‘ How you can let the data do the talking and provide valuable nuggets of insight
‘ How Predictive Analytics can be applied across the entire research lifecycle to provide further speed and accuracy in responses and results.

Featured Speaker
Heena Jethwa, Product Marketing Manager
SPSS Inc., an IBM Company

Register: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/149414392

Maximizing the ROI of Market Research

Browsing through the B2B International Marketing Blog I came across their new white paper Maximizing the ROI of Market Research. The white paper goes over how to maximize ROI of market research, by demonstrating:

the role of market research in business decision-making
how to measure the ROI of market research
which types of research will generate the greatest ROI

This is an informative piece; take a couple of minutes to read here.

Which Websites will Win in 09?

With so much going on in “online social networking”, I find it difficult to know just where to spend my time online. It’s one more thing that has been added to my list as a B2B marketing tool.

So, I found this article in the NYTimes helpful. It gave a perspective on the sites that will most likely have staying power in the months to come. Although the audience was meant for IT professionals, I found it applicable as a market researcher, or anyone who wants to keep up with the latest business trends.

Carolyn Duffy Marson, Network World, IDG wrote the article on December 31, 2008, titled: “Nine Web sites IT pros should master in 2009.”

She claims: “Master these Web sites, and you’ll prove you can innovate during the most trying economic times. And you’ll do it more efficiently than your 20-something employees, who waste too much time chasing the new, new thing on the Internet that may not survive the downturn.”

Top of the list was LinkedIn while Facebook was discounted. If you’re interested in seeing the full list, you can view it here at the NY Times site.


April Bell

Bob Liodice, President-CEO: Ten Rules when Times Are Tough

b2binternational.com has a great excerpt on their blog concerning 10 golden rules to remember when times are tough. These rules are taken from Bob Liodice, President-CEO of the ANA and provide insight into the b2b world, and for this blog’s purposes, market research.

His first rule:
1. Passion And Leadership Are ImperativeThe most successful brands are headed up by strong, visible and vocal leaders, who have total belief in the business, the brand, and what it represents. Such passion is inspiring and infectious; it will spread to others in the organization, who then all play their part in ensuring success.

I find to be the most inspiring, though the other 9 are pretty fantastic. This number one rule is particularly imperative for market research. Be passionate about what you’re researching, find your audience and with a full voice–move forward.

Check out the list and get back to us. We’d love to hear your thoughts.